The Best Coffee in Sedona: 25 of The Most Interesting Coffee Shops
Arizona - October 1, 2022

Sedona is by far my favorite and most magical place in Arizona. It is one of the most visited places in the world averaging 3 million visitors a year. From vortices to spiritual healing to drum circles, there are so many fun things to do in red rock country, including visiting amazing coffee shops. Here is a list of the best coffee shops in Sedona.

Two womenhaving chai at the Chai spot

Sedona is a coffee lover’s dream come true. With so many great coffee shops to choose from, it can be tough to decide where to go. Whether you’re looking for a cozy spot to curl up with a book or a place to people-watch, there’s a coffee shop in Sedona that’s perfect for you.

Of course everyone has different standards. I like a friendly staff and a place that also has local loose leaf teas. From cold brew to the best hot brew in Sedona, there is a local favorite for everyone in town, including some hidden gems.

  1. Sedona Coffee Roasters is a local coffee roastery that sources its beans from around the world. The coffee is roasted in small batches and then packaged by hand. The company also offers a coffee subscription service, so you can have fresh coffee delivered to your door each month.
  2. Mago Café– This uptown healing cafe also serves Kombucha on tap, coffee, and organic espresso drinks along with a great food menu.
  3. Chai Spot – known for chai, love their Thai Tea, and now have espressos! Chai Spot is a great spot located in the Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village.
  4. Synergy Sedona – Synergy Sedona is an organic coffee shop and vegan cafe in West Sedona. The coffee is roasted in small batches and the menu features a variety of vegan-friendly dishes. They also have loose leaf tea and an Herbal Elixir Bar & gift shop.
  5. Sedona Wellness Cafe – Sedona Wellness cafe is a coffee shop and wellness center all in one. The cafe offers a variety of organic coffee and tea drinks, as well as healthy food options. The wellness center offers yoga and meditation classes, massage therapy, and Reiki healing services.
  6. HP Cafe – HP cafe is a coffee shop with a focus on healthy living. The cafe offers a variety of coffee and tea drinks, as well as smoothies, juices, and acai bowls.
  7. Spiritstone Coffee– Gemstones and coffee inside the mall.
  8. Sedonuts & Coffee– coffee and donuts.
  9. The Black Cow– Coffee and homemade ice cream or coffee drink with ice cream like a double shot of espresso with one scoop of vanilla ice cream.
  10. The Rose Vortex – located in Sedona Village Shopping Center
  11. Black Potion Sedona – Black Potion Sedona is known to carry imported Brazilian coffee
  12. The Gathering Place- a judgment-free place for coffee, conversation, and community. The Gathering Place was financially by Christ Center Wesleyan Church but is now run solely by volunteers.
  13. Red Rock Roasters is another local coffee roastery that offers fresh-roasted beans and coffee subscriptions. The company sources its beans from small farms around the world and roasts them in small batches to ensure quality.
  14. Black Cow Cafe is family owned since 1988, has homemade ice cream
  15. Java Love
  16. Java Love is an Arizona-based coffee company that sources its beans from around the world. The company offers a variety of coffees
  17. Sedonuts & Coffee–single origin and blends, as well as teas and other beverages. Java Love also has a food menu with breakfast and lunch options available.
  18. Cuptown– Cuptown is a coffee shop and roastery located in uptown Sedona. The coffee shop offers a variety of coffee drinks, as well as pastries and light lunch items. The roastery offers coffee beans from around the world.
  19. The Coffee Pot restaurant is an iconic coffee shop located in Sedona, Arizona that has been serving up delicious coffee since 1970. The coffee shop has a retro atmosphere and offers a variety of traditional coffee drinks and pastries. The Coffee Pot also offers free Wi-Fi for its customers.
  20. Rattle & Hum Coffee Roasters– Rattle & Hum Coffee Roasters sources its beans from around the world and roasts them in small batches to ensure quality. Rattle & Hum coffee is available for purchase online or at the coffee roastery.
  21. Bike and Bean The Bike and Bean also offers bike rentals, so you can explore Sedona while getting your caffeine fix.
  22. The View– The View is coffee with a view of the red rock.
  23. Oak Creek Espresso – Oak Creek Espresso is a coffee shop located in the heart of Sedona, Arizona. The coffee shop has a rustic atmosphere and offers a variety of coffee drinks made with fresh, locally roasted beans. The coffee shop also has a small food menu with breakfast and lunch options available.
  24. Indian Gardens Cafe & Market – this local favorite has a back patio that is so welcoming, you will want to just sit there with a cup of joe and enjoy the ambience. Located in Oak Creek Canyon.
  25. Theia’s – chill on a comfy couch and people watch at one of the locals favorite coffee houses. Theia’s has smoothies and protein drinks also.
woman in green dress sitting in Chai Spot
Chai Spot

Check out these spots for the best coffee in Sedona!

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