The 25th Anniversary of the Florida Renaissance Festival
Blog - March 14, 2017

I attended my first Renaissance Festival when I was nineteen-years-old.  It’s something you don’t forget.  My friends and I would go and buy crystals, throw pixie dust and flirt with the long-haired boys.

Back then, I would have never have dreamt that I would be bringing my children to the very same festival.  Now they are celebrating their The 25th Anniversary!

I remember experiencing it for the first time, just as they did this past weekend, and it is an experience to remember for sure!  The 16th Century costumes and clothing, fairy dust, turkey legs, and fabulous jewelry are still there today.


Days later, my kids are still talking about it, from the flying marshmallows when we came in to the high wire pirate show, and the funnel cake.  Visiting the Renaissance Festival is a tradition that will probably continue for years to come in our family.

Going to the Renaissance Festival is like stepping back into the Medieval times. We walked through the crafts Village where over one hundred merchants and artisans demonstrate and sell their wares such as beautiful handmade glass creations.

You can find this blown glass at Creations in Glass.  See how it’s made below.

This just a sample of what to expect…

Get dolled up in some Medieval costumes.

Adorn yourselves with Medieval jewelry.


Umbrellas and fans are a must in this hot Florida weather!

But the heat doesn’t keep the amazing performers away (over 100)!  As you walk through the festival you will come across sword fighters, minstrels, magicians, wenches, and so much more.  With twelve stages, there are so many shows to see.  The performing is endless!  You might be one of the lucky ones and get insulted by a passer by.


One of our favorite shows was the The Pirates of the Colombian Caribbean High Wire Show.


Every weekend is a different theme.  We came during the “Taste of the Festival.” This new themed weekend, The Taste of Flarf is a foodie’s dream!

There is so much to choose from, you might have a button or two pop off your britches! It’s a feast fit for a King with their signature hearty turkey legs.  There are also Scotch eggs, Sheppard’s Pie, and an assortment of  desserts, such as funnel cake – my favorite!

For all you drynkers, wash it all down with traditional mead and aromatic wines.

You don’t have to eat a whole meal there, you can snack along the way…

The menu at the Renaissance Festival is amazing.  Check it out HERE

The people that work at the Renaissance Festival are amazing.  Even twenty years ago, when I first went, I always felt like I was stepping into a different time and the people that you come across, whether they are patrons or cast members, they make the experience so much more complete as they walk around and interact with you.  They truly help you immerse yourself into this Medieval culture. Some of them might actually be from that era!

The Renaissance Festival has a following.  In my college years we went every year.  There is always somebody that you will meet along the way that will stick in your mind.

Even the patrons are interesting!

This is Kris.

He takes a month off and comes every year to escape the ugly world of combat in war zones like Iraq and Afghanistan.  He spends eleven months out there.  An ex Marine, he is now a contractor and trains other young men in advanced combatives.  This is truly an escape from everything and he looks forward to it every year.

There’s still time to get your fortune told, hair braided, or get some beautiful Henna tattoos.

On your way out, check out the Maces.

These weapons used in the 15th Century would break through the toughest of armour.

Like I said, you won’t leave The Renaissance Festival the person you walked in.  It’s truly an experience.

Parking is free except for VIP.

Get $4 off adults tickets and $1 off kids tickets if you stop by Walgreens and purchase them there.

Kids under age 6 are free!

For show times and schedule click HERE

Tel: 954.776.1642 Deerfield: Feb 11th-Mar 26th, 2017 Sat. & Sun. Only | Times: 10:00 a.m. until Sunset

Don’t miss out!  There’s still time!

Check them out on Social Media:


  1. So fun!! My Mom goes to our local one every year!! Maybe this year my son and I will have to tag along!!

  2. This is really awesome! It’s nice to go here and just enjoy what the place has to offer. It’s definitely a lot of fun especially if you decide to dress up as well.

  3. I want to experience this Renaissance festival! 25 years is an awesome amount of time to be running, I don’t think they usually run that long.
    This has truly drawn me in.

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