Swiss Botany Vitamin C Serum
Reviews - March 1, 2015

resize_3bec0abef11654a6e1e8c52d5b61ea578013883c185123d9010e2e3ae5adb9ee92d669a6128128Remember those days when your skin had life?  It literally looked awake.  The years have gone by and now we search for the product that’s going to do exactly that.  I remember a product that came out when I was working at the Lancome counter in South Beach, Vitabolic.  It smelled so good and gave your face that glow.  It eventually got discontinued- that was the late 90’s and Vitamin C was making it’s appearance at the skincare counters.  The problem with Vitamin C is that it is known to destablize when exposed to air and light so it has to be packaged in an airtight bottle or tube. It is great for the skin, brightening and diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Applying Vitamin C topically is a lot more effective for the skin than taking it orally- about 20 times more.resize_80576ca0c5e8bc233df1e492f03b2c02bdbe26dede146fe5a7d9284d803c7a8dc18b21be128128 (1)

Swiss Botany Vitamin C Serum is a concentrated formula than has micro-encapsulated Vitamin C along with Vitamin E & A to also boost the collagen production, plumping skin cells and creating that natural glow. It is gentle and effective, paraben-free, and safe for all skin types.  It’s targeted to liven up dull, tired looking skin brightening and evening the skin tone, improving dark spots.   It also helps with dryness, acne, irritation and inflamation. It comes in an airless container making sure it is not compromised.

My experience:

Well, Swiss Botany Vitamin C Serum lived up to its promise- my skin was more even and alive-looking after a few days of using it day and night underneath a moisturizer.  I felt a tightening effect also, not sure if I was supposed to feel that but assumed that the feeling meant something was working.  Based on my experience, I wouldn’t be suprised if this product offered long term benefits.  Want one? Enter for a giveaway HERE.

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