Surrender at Orchard Rest by Hope Denney
Free Daily Books - February 4, 2015

91CLttxdKtL._SL1500_ (1)(Orchard Rest Historical Southern Fiction Series Book 1) [Kindle Edition]

Somerset Forrest, a former Civil War nurse, is expected to live up to the legacy of her mother’s crumbling society family and restore them to their former prestige, but she yearns for independence. She’s never gotten over Eric Rutherford, her first love who disappeared years before in the hills along the Chickamauga. As she struggles to find her place among a family all too adept at keeping secrets and tries to make peace with the past, her fiancĂ© Sawyer Russell reveals a secret that threatens the peace of Century Grove, Alabama.

Joseph Forrest, Somerset’s brother, is recovering from a farming accident when Fairlee, his former great love, returns to Century Grove. Joseph wants nothing more than for the two of them to marry, but Fairlee demands change before she can accept his proposal.

And Blanche Forrest, mother to Somerset and Joseph as well as proud mistress of Orchard Rest, struggles to improve her children’s lives while coping with a haunting family tragedy.

The sequel, Echoes at Somerset Manor, was released January 2015.

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