Surprise Cocoa Bomb with Conversation Hearts
Desserts & Swets - January 7, 2021

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Valentine’s Day is coming and 2021 is needing some extra love. Conversation hearts are so uplifting and kind, I thought we had to do something this year including them.

Conversation Hearts have been around for years! Sweet love notes made out of candy melts inside a decadent cocoa bomb will make anyone happy to receive.

Valentine’s Day isn’t about the candy for me anymore, it’s about the thought.

Conversation Starters cocoa bombs

Kids love making the Conversation Starters out of candy melts so they can also be included in this DIY project.

Check out DIY Non Candy Valentine’s Conversation Hearts with Recycled Crayons

yellow, red and white conversation starters inside a cocoa bomb

Since Cocoa Bombs are the viral craze right now, why not combine the two? I’ve already done Christmas Cocoa Bombs, New Year’s Eve Cocoa Bombs, Marriage Proposal Cocoa Bombs and a fun Surprise Valentine’s Day Cocoa Bomb.

white candy melt heart that says love inside a cocoa bomb

It’s time to make surprise Cocoa Bombs with Conversation Hearts.

Yellow you rock conversation starter inside a cocoa bomb

If you’re having a party, don’t forget some colorful straws.

chocolate cutie pie conversation starter inside a cocoa bomb

Don’t forget, you can also use regular chocolate to make the Conversation Starter Cocoa Bombs. That would make for a chocolate bliss hot cocoa!


Semi-Sweet Lilys Baking Chips

Lily’s White Chocolate Baking Chips (optional)

Candy Melts

Mini Marshmallows

Ghirardelli Chocolate Premium Indulgence Hot Cocoa Mix

DUST (optional)

Silacone Mold


Conversation Starters Mold

conversation starters with cocoa bombs

These conversation starter cocoa bombs make great party favors too!

red BFF candy melt conversation starter inside a cocoa bomb

Valentine’s Day isn’t all about romance. Don’t forget your BFF!

cocoa bomb with pink candy heart on top and heart edible sprinkles
They also make fun party gifts!


Conversation Hearts Cocoa Bomb

Surprise Cocoa Bomb with Conversation Hearts

Conversation Starter Cocoa Bombs


  1. Melt chocolate (start with 1 min 50% power) Do not over melt - just stir lumps until meltedsilicone mold with chocolate
  2. Spoon chocolate into the mold
  3. Put molds on a tray or cutting board and into refrigerator for 30 mins
  4. Pull chocolate molds out of molds when ready using gloves (if you don't want fingerprints)
  5. Heat up a plate for 1 minutespoon of cocoa
  6. Place mold on the plate to smooth out and fill with 1 Tablespoon of Cocoa Powder
  7. Place marshmallows inside
  8. Place other half of mold on hot plate and smooth out and immediately place on top of cocoa filled mold
  9. Heat up some white chocolate chips and spoon into a ziplock bag, cut off tip and drizzle on top.
  10. Add sprinkles


Exact amounts of ingredients needed or yield may vary depending on the actual silicone mold you use. Silicone molds come in all sizes - with the one's I purchased, I used the large ones, so if you don't use the exact same one we did, you may end up needing more or less of each ingredient. I used a full tablespoon of Cocoa in each mold.

If you are drizzling the white chocolate on top of bomb, make sure it cools a little otherwise it will put a hole in the bomb


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