Strip Squeeze by James Harper
Free Daily Books - February 12, 2015

91fRpwoV07L._SL1500_(Evan Buckley Thrillers Book 2) [Kindle Edition]

Some things are best left forgotten

Jesse Springer would agree—now. Jesse, a garden-variety, egocentric rich guy with an unerring penchant for shooting himself in the foot, is being blackmailed after a visit to an up-market strip club owned by the local crime boss. The problem is he doesn’t remember a thing about it—even after a wad of explicit photographs arrive in the mail one morning, making him choke on his cheerios.

Jesse panics and hires college buddy and maverick private investigator, Evan Buckley—no stranger to self-induced mayhem himself— to investigate. Nothing is what it seems when Evan heads down to the endless grass and millionaire stud farms surrounding Louisville, home of the Kentucky Derby, where he finds it’s not all old South charm and mint juleps and he’s soon caught up in a lethal game of double-crossing, pain and bloodshed.

Meanwhile, Jesse’s getting antsy—one of the photographs has gone missing and he suspects his wife has found it—so when the situation gets unbearable at home he heads back to confront the blackmailers himself, making Evan’s job almost impossible in the process—not to mention infinitely more dangerous for both of them. As the bodies pile up around him, Evan is forced to choose between his gut instinct and the apocryphal evidence—and the only thing he knows for sure is that any wrong step will be his last.

Strip Squeeze is the second book in the Evan Buckley psychological thrillers series.

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