Staying Fashionable in Florida’s Summer Weather
Blog - May 23, 2017

This summer seems to be creeping up fast and furiously.  The weather is more unpredictable than ever. I am greeted by mosquitoes and humidity when I step outside.  It just makes me want to hibernate inside.
I find myself walking around in tanks and cut offs.  I like loungewear.  It’s just easier that way.  But it’s also easy to get in a fashion rut when your too hot to bother with trying. I have so many beautiful clothes that just sit in the closet because I just want what’s easy to slip on.
At 46, I’ve been realizing that I can’t just leave the house in tanks and cut offs or sweats anymore.  These are the clothes that reflect who I am; laid back and on the go.  But I need to make more of an effort.  I have two boys under five and they need a mom who can put on some lipstick and look a little more put together.  That doesn’t mean I must abandon my laid back, hippy style.
Accessorizing really helps too!  Just a simple beaded necklace or stylish wrist wrap can jazz up any outfit.  I’ve also committed to wearing makeup a few times a week.  This is big news! After all, I am a makeup artist.  I should take advantage of my skill!
So, when I say laid back I immediately think of clothing that I feel comfortable in, no matter what the activity.  I think of clothes that can breathe, are versatile and that have sustainability.  I don’t want my first thought to be when I walk through the door, “I can’t wait to undress.”  I want to feel like I can lounge around the house as well, go on a road trip, or go out to lunch with the moms. When I think of this kind of freedom, I think of prAna.
I love that I can mix and match bathing suits and clothes, including Yoga apparel without having to shop in two places.  I found a the Liana Sweater and matched it with the Ramba bottom.
I like to feel comfortable and if I want to cover myself while wearing a bathing suit, the Liana Sweater is perfect!  But it’s also great paired up with something the Roxanne Capri bottoms.  The same goes for the Ramba bottom.  prAna gives you the option of choosing the style and color swimsuit top that best fits your body shape and your personal preference.
How do I know that there’s so much thought put into prAna’s clothing?  The  designers create and test all prAna’s clothing based on their own love for outdoor activities.  prAana supports fair trade and sustainable practices.  Their main belief is that we should give more than we take.  This includes taking care of our planet by making sustainable, recycled, fair trade certified and hemp items.   I feel good when I’m buying something that contributes positive energy by making me part of the whole process in giving back.

Wondering why hemp matters?  There’s so much I didn’t know about hemp until I saw this video.

My readers can enjoy 15% off your total purchase through June 16 by using my promo code for S17PCLUBLS.

It’s nice to know there are so many fashionable options with prAna clothing. How do you stay fashionable in this heat and humidity?

*Photography by Nicolas Santini

*Hair by Sarah Kittleman

*Makeup by MOI

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  1. I really like the sweater top you chose.It’s a great color and thin enough for warm weather. I’ve heard of this company but will have to look more into it.

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