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This is a concept I don’t think I’ve ever thought of!  I go to goodwill sometimes and pick out toys, come home, sanitize and turn in old toys.  I don’t like to spend money on new toys because the kids get bored with them after a few days.  Toys are expensive! That’s not to say I don’t buy new toys but when you have two kids, it adds up and your constantly recycling.

So I was excited to review SparkBoxToys.  What a genius idea.  It2015-05-24 17.23.19 caters to newborn to four year olds and has an inventory that is consistently up to par.  Basically, you rent a box of toys for a month or for however long you want to keep them for, for a fee.  Then you box them up and put the free shipping label on the box and there you go!  As my mom would say, “Bobs your Uncle!”

2015-05-24 17.23.38They sent me four toys, all geared towards  my sons’ ages.  One of them was brand new.  They didn’t just send toys, they picked out toys that were specifically designed for their level of development.  My children enjoyed them, especially the bowl of magnetic fruit that was geared for learning numbers.2015-05-11 08.28.15

If your worried about sanitation, their toys go through a process to ensure complete sanitation using 100% all natural, organic disinfectant.  They also arrive shrink wrapped.  If you fall in love with a toy, you may buy it for a discounted price.  If you lose a piece of a toy you have a couple months to find it otherwise you get charged a small fee.  I think that is really reasonable!

Go check out their website HERE2015-05-24 17.26.382015-05-24 17.23.27

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