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Lately I have been really attracted to earthy jewelry.  By earthy, I mean substance.  Jewelry that has purpose all around.  It’s not just pretty to look at.  It holds a story.  A story about beauty and giving back.  Having children changed my outlook on everything.  Even jewelry.  Because in the end we are all connected.

Soothi is exactly that kind company.  It not about selling jewelry.  It’s about restoring our society.  They sell jewelry designed and made by disenfranchised communities of women and artists.  They invest2015-05-09 15.55.22-1 back into the communities by providing education and work opportunities and offering micro financing.  This is philanthropic jewelry.  It’s all about the welfare of others while creating one of a kind pieces.

I have to say that I was very impressed with the packaging.  Everything comes inside a detailed turquoise sack and packed ever so carefully wrapped in tissue.  Opening it was so exciting!.

So they sent me four pieces to review.

IMG_5376This is the Yoga Necklace – Meditation.  It’s my favorite piece.  It just exudes peace.  It’s so delicate, made with coconut shell, with intricate details of a Buddha silhouette sitting in meditation inside the circle.  You can tell that each one is unique, made only with natural, recycled material. Available in two sizes and nickle free.

The next piece is the Infinity Leather Bracelet.  I got it in black but the brown IMG_5374looks really nice.  I was drawn to it because it had a vintage and rustic feeling to it.  That’s my style and I liked the rustic gold anchor hook.   I knew it would be a great add on with any kind of jewelry.  It just enhances whatever it’s mixed with.  It’s unisex and looks good  worn alone too.  Made with organic leather, it fits perfectly around the wrist as it is the standard bracelet size.

IMG_5377These are the Yoga Earrings – Wood Mandala.  These are made with recycled wood chips carved with a mandala. Feminine, lightweight, they exude spirituality.  So pretty.

The last item I received was the Tulsi Bead Mala Necklace.  It is a natural tulsi bead necklace with a recycled wood chip with mandala inspired embossing attached to it. It’s handcrafted by artisans, natural and recycled and nickel free.  I love the mandala inspired wood chip.  The Tulsi Bead Mala Necklace is made of beads held closely together which gives it a bent appearance.  Personally, I prefer a looser type of necklace but that is a personal preference.

To see more of these beautiful hand made pieces check out their website HERE.

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They offer free shipping on all U.S. orders over $25.





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  1. I really like so many things here. I really like the Infinity Leather Bracelet and the Yoga Zen Bracelet. Even more importantly, I LOVE that this is sustainable, recycled jewelry.

  2. I think this company has a great philosophy and I really like what they are doing with this jewelry.

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