Confessions of A Mom Dealing With Sibling Rivalry
Blog - May 5, 2016

2016-02-23 08.05.17Help! I’ve got a four year old toddler who HATES sharing with his little brother.

What a surprise! Right? Is it too much to expect him to welcome his little brother into our household with open arms (after false promises of playing with him) AND share ALL of his toys?

Yes, it is.

See because they were HIS toys first.  I get that.   “He won’t share.”  I get that too.  “He took it first.”  Yep, get that.  And my favorite, “I’m a big boy, he’s not,”


Well, he does have some points.  As an only child, I can admit that I would have probably of stabbed you in the eyes if you tried to take away my toys.

Is it fair? No! What can I do?

After all, I did tell him that if he didn’t like his brother when he came home from the hospital we could return him (another white lie).

It is so draining to constantly tell your child to stop snatching toys away from his little brother. He has no interest in the toy until his brother picks it up. I know this is normal. I was warned. But it is so aggravating!

But what I have learned is that it will NEVER stop.  Unless someone’s going to get hurt, I really need to let them work it out themselves.  I do the “if you don’t stop fighting over the cars, I will have to take them away” threat.  Sometimes it works.  Especially if I count (without yelling and no emotion).  But it is always a struggle and there is no special potion to make it stop. Consistency is key.

Parenting Boot Camp

So I came across this great video by Kelly Stout-Hutcheson. She has a Parenting Boot Camp 2016 page where she posts videos on parenting. But she had me at Beachbody. Her no nonsense, 5 minute, logical approach (as opposed to my emotional “why can’t you just listen?! plea) to parenting attracts parents from all over and keeps them coming back to her YouTube page for more.


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  1. I am the mother of 4 adult children. I will tell you what helped with mine. They had a basket of community toys that had to be shared. Then they each had two toys each that they were not allowed to share. They need to learn that while it’s fine to share some things, others are off limits.

  2. AAhhh sibling rivalry..I had to deal with that with my 2 adult children..5 years apart…it was daily and drove me I see it with my grandchildren and I am better at coping with it now lol. Patience is a big factor…Thank you for sharing!

  3. Ah yes, sibling rivalry! My teen is an only child but I have a younger brother. He was such a pain BUT I DID protect him in school. Sharing was always hard…unless it was near Christmas and then I was extra nice so Santa would bring me nice presetns! LOL

  4. I had 4 boys (3 in 6 years) then the last almost 7 years later so he was like an only child. The ones who had to battle it out over stuff attention etc seemed to handle the ups and downs of life better because they learned give and take.

  5. I’m almost 50 and still don’t get along with my siblings. And i dont even talk any longer to the one that I never got along with. Have separate boxes so they can have their own toys and then another box for shared toys. And remind them how important family is. I believe that if we had been spoken to as children that we may have become closer.

  6. Thanks for sharing. I have a daughter 16 and sons 10 and 13. Sibling rivalries are things I deal with on a daily basis.

  7. Wow! Cute children! Sibling rivalry was alive and well when I was growing up with my sister, and it didn’t change with my kids either! Thanks for the post!

  8. (Confessions of A Mom Dealing With Sibling Rivalry) How funny and do I remember those days when my children were much younger. I have two boys that would scrap all the time with each other. Now that they are older things are much better-

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