Trish McEvoy Sexy 9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk
Makeup & Beauty - November 24, 2014

trish-mcevoy-sexyI can’t say I feel sexy too often anymore…but I can tell you that when I get in the car to go somewhere and I end my makeup ritual (yes I park the car and do my makeup because there’s no way it’s getting done with a toddler and a almost walking eight month old), I spritz myself with Trish McEvoy’s Sexy 9 and I feel sexy.  With the windows closed and the cold air blasting (after two kids, I am ALWAYS hot). I breathe in and all is right with the world.  It just takes me to a happy place where I feel young (at 43) and carefree.  It takes me back to my Jim Morrison days (although he died when I was four months old, lol).  They are still my Jim Morrison days.  When I danced in dive bars to “Light My Fire” with glazed eyes and a clove cigarette in my hand.  My patchouli and sandlewood mixed with his music took me to a carefee place.  Now that happy place is filled with children’s giggles and poopy diapers.  It consists of reruns of Sesame Street and repeating the question “why?” ALL day. Kisses on boo boos and snotty noses.   It’s a life full of responsiblities.  Definately no clove cigerettes (or any cigarettes for that matter.)   But I no longer want to smell like I walked out of a Grateful Dead show.  I do however want a touch of pachouli and sandlewood combined with vanilla, blackberry and amber.  I find those ingredients so sexy and warm.  So with all the craziness and chaos happening around me with trying to manage a home and three boys (including the hubby), a spritz of Sexy 9 can change my mindset anyday.

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