10 Seriously Fun DIY Pinatas
Crafts - March 5, 2021

pinata collage

Kids love pinatas, especially at Birthday parties. We’ve had them at indoor Birthday Parties and put them up outside in the back yard. We’ve also had them at park Birthday Parties and hung them on a tree. It doesn’t matter where we have them, the kids absolutely love pinatas.

We’ve purchased them and made DIY Pinatas. There are so many ideas on how to decorate a home made pinata. Most of them entail using paper mache and balloons but some can be made out of boxes with crepe paper.

The list is endless on how many different kinds of Pinatas one can make, but the kids tend to lean towards Ninja and Unicorn Pinatas and of course pop culture pinatas. The best part? Filling the Pinata with candy!

I found some homemade pinata ideas that will knock your socks off. I found a Toilet Paper Roll Pinatas for Cinco de Mayo, a Paper Bag Pinata, a Star Wars Death Star Pinata and so many more fun Pinatas.

Most of these are easy diy pinatas that anyone can do. You don’t have to be crafty. Even I made a Ring Pop Pinata.

pinata collage


Ring Pop Pinata

Halloween Pinata

How to make a Paper Mache Pinata Fish!

DIY Minecraft Creeper Pinata

How To Train Your Dragon DIY Pull-String Pinatas

Lego DIY Joker Pinata

How to Make a Rainbow Milk Carton Pinata

How to Make a Star Pinata

Pi Day Pinata Tutorial!

How to Make a DIY Pinata!

How to Make an Awesome Owl Pinata

DIY Pinatas

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