Scorpio Sons 3 by Nhys Glover
Free Daily Books - January 21, 2015

91-xpx-nbpL._SL1500_ (1)Cooper: (SF/Shifter Romance) [Kindle Edition]

The Scorpio Sons’ only enemy is the Guild. They loath and are physically repulsed by them. So how could the gentle, wheelchair-bound Cooper find Amy Hays, a daughter of the Guild, the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen? How could he go against orders and meet with her in secret? And how could he risk everything the Sons had worked for to be with her?
For Amy, abused from childhood, afraid to make even the most insignificant decisions in case they’re wrong, loving a genetically-engineered warrior clone could prove the worst mistake of her life.
As the deepest secrets that surround the Sons, the Résistance, and the mysterious head of the Guild are revealed, Cooper and Amy must find a way to heal each other and come together to save a world teetering on the edge of destruction.

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