Sal, Let’s Help!
Blog - December 3, 2014



Let me introduce to you two great Authors who are writing a childrens book.  Here is what they say on their kickstarter page.  Check it out!

Priti Bansal and Aditi Verma are raising funds to publish their very first children’s book – “Sal, Let’s Help”. It is a book written with a very special goal in mind: to teach our precious young ones the value of helping one another. It emphasizes this concept by encouraging children to “help” with small tasks around the house. This book also promotes concept of sharing responsibilities by showing how Sal does his share of work around the house. All proceeds from the book will go towards building the platform that will enable many community projects at Helping Town, a social good project that Priti Bansal and Aditi Verma have also started.

Please support, like and share their kickstarter campaign: Your efforts will count towards everything good that will come out of this noble project.

How did the storyline evolve?

Priti’s son Yash and niece, Aditi actually created the very first character for the book – a furry little bear named Sal. Sal then further evolved and after many iterations we have what you see in the illustrations that follow. Then we started incorporating different tasks that our children enjoy or that we would like them to help us with – e.g. washing hands, watering plants, putting dishes away, etc. The story line evolved using this as a basis. The original story was read to group of children between the ages of 3 and 6. Based on their reactions and feedback, the storyline was improved.

How did it impact our children?

As we read the book to our own children who range from ages 3 to 6, we noticed a change in them as well. They were more observant, asking how they can help around the home and eager to complete the simple tasks given to them. We really hope your children enjoy the book and experience the joy of helping, just like Sal.

A peek into the book

Sal – Let’s Help is a story of a furry little bear who lives in a treehouse with his mommy and daddy bear. Sal, in the course of a regular day, is faced with various household tasks that arise. Sal meets these tasks with bubbly enthusiasm; and when he doesn’t, his mommy inspires him to join in on the helping fun.

Mommy Greene requesting Sal to put his toys away.


Sal helping Mommy Greene to clean the leaves away with his toy broom


Why support out kickstarter campaign?

It is our very first children’s book and we need all the encouragement and support! But this is more than just publishing a book. Additional revenue after the cost is covered will go towards a social good project that we have started called, HelpingTown, where we want to partner with other non-profits and individuals for different causes.

Support our campaign and you will be making a difference. We have pledge starting from $1 and up with several awards in different price bucket. Book itself is also an award in several of these buckets. Below is the link for the details of the campaign.


Thank you,

Priti Bansal and Aditi Verma



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