Rose Quartz Baby Bonding Bracelet by Easy Mom and Baby
Reviews - February 22, 2015

resize_d139d972de15017b90a03a6d7186e1ea4587ad33b3c58dfa78ad3dcc0fac7aeba01975f8128128I grew up in Arizona where semi-precious stones and crystals were all the rage, especially in Sedona. Later on in life, I came across friends who were into crystals but to be honest, it was all a little intimidating.  I’m not really into all that metaphysical stuff.  So I didn’t pursue it.  But I was intrigued by this bracelet when I saw it.  I was curious about the name.  At first, I thought maybe you put the bracelet on the baby. But I learned that it is for the mom to wear and for so much more.

The Rose Quartz semi-precious stones, also known as fertility gemstones are beautiful.  They are also known to protect mom-to-be during pregnancy and childbirth.  This bracelet has eighteen beads and a beautiful, delicate Rose Quartz heart that is meant to be detached and placed inside your bra to help you relax and assist with the let down of milk supply.  It can also be used when breastfeeding by switching wrists as a reminder of when the baby nursed last, while also promoting bonding and intimacy between mother and child.

Rose Quartz, the crystal of unconditional love, is known for soothing negative influences and replacing negativity with harmony, so buh bye to those toxic friends who have been hanging around for too long now.  Just kidding. Not really.  It also helps with emotional imbalance (that’s at least one week out of the month for this premenstrual girl) and helps with sleep.  I can’t say I remember the last time I had a good nights sleep.

So what did I think of this bracelet?
Ahem. Well, like I said before, crystals are not my thing but I think this bracelet has changed my mind. After putting it under my pillow for a couple nights, I noticed a difference in my sleep.  Was it a coincidence? I don’t know.  All I know is that I slept deeper than usual.  I am a really light sleeper and the baby is in our room.  I didn’t change how late I went to bed which is usually around midnight.  That in itself makes it hard to have a good nights sleep.  The quality of dreams were different also.  Too personal to talk about but I woke up with my heart full.  So I think I will continue to place the bracelet under my pillow.  And I think it’s a beautiful reminder of the bond between a mother and child.

The Baby Bonding Bracelet is the perfect gift for a mother to be, or a baby shower gift, or for just anyone that is close to your heart.   5% of their profits from the UK and USA are donated to breast cancer charities.  That’s close to my heart.  Enter to win one of these beautiful bracelets HERE!

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  1. I think number one it is a beautiful bracelet. My daughter is expexting, and all of the benefits it is said to have can’t hurt eiither. I think things like this will work if you are open to it.

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