Realtree Coffee MAX – Get Your Double Caffeine On!
Blog - March 17, 2017

Some days I really need a boost.  Most days I have three cups of coffee.  I try to cut down to two but always end up going back to three cups of coffee.  It’s not just about the boost either, it’s about taste and the comfort I get from sitting down and relaxing with my mug.  It might only be for five minutes, but it’s something I look forward to three times a day.

Because being a mom is tiring.  Being a forty-six-year-old mom to two boys under five is just exhausting.  It’s worth every second, but it’s truly exhausting.

Sometimes I don’t have time for my second as I’m rushing through the day and then the window of time for me to have my last cup (so I don’t stay up too late from the caffeine) is around three to four pm.

If I don’t get that second cup around eleven am, I start to drag.  So, I tried something different this week when I received Realtree MAX Single Serve Coffee to try; a cup of double caffeinated coffee.

I never really considered having double caffeinated coffee until now.  I thought it would be good to use for ice coffee.  But it was just what I needed to get me going again. It is rich and full bodied.  I really enjoyed it.

Realtree MAX Single Serve Coffee  is compatible with all Keurig machines, including new 2.0 brewers.

You won’t be disappointed.  Realtree MAX Single Serve Coffee  is made with extra fresh grounds that filter brewed with 100% premium Arabica coffee beans.

You can buy Realtree MAX Single Serve Coffee HERE.

Enter to Win a box of Realtree MAX Serve Coffee HERE.

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  1. These sound amazing! I can’t wait to try them for myself! Thanks for sharing, I never heard of these before now.

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