Raise the Vibration Spring Break Kids Camp
Kids - June 18, 2020

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Thank you to sponsors; Elmhurst, Stonyfield, and OOLY who donated a variety of items to help facilitate the camp.

Kids need a space to feel safe and learn life skills like self-care, eating healthy, and building healthy relationships. Nicole Duran, the director of Raise The Vibration has a passion for working with kids and developed the Raise The Vibration Spring Kid’s Camp in beautiful Camp Verde, AZ.

About the Camp

This camp is located in beautiful Camp Verde, AZ and offers a unique experience of working with horses, miniature donkeys and many other animals around the farm. The camp typically hosts around 25 kids, so it isn’t crowded and everyone can enjoy the experience fully.

kids playing with donkeys

The camp provides a schedule full of artistic and healing crafts as well as other activities. There’s also plenty of free time for the kids to play and enjoy their surroundings.

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The staff is carefully handpicked for their many specialties in working with teens and youth in many capacities. They are patient and dedicated to making the experience a memorable one for every one of the kids involved. It is an immersive experience that the kids will remember for years to come.

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There is a co-creative kitchen for the campers and the staff full of organic nourishing foods. The staff, made of volunteer parents cooks, bakes and prepares healthy meals, foods and snack with the youth and offer fun and interesting activities to empower a deeper sense of self that inspires positive life skills. 

For more information contact Nicole Duran (Director of RTV) 602-751-7872  Raise the Vibration 

two boys laying on a picnic blanket holding yogurt

About the Sponsors

Stonyfield Organic

We are so grateful to Stonyfield Organic for supplying us with their organic yogurt and dairy free items! Their YoBaby yogurt is awesome along with their dairy free pouches. My boys love the Strawberry/Banana Lowfat cups.

yogurt in a bowl with granola

The Probiotic Organic Yogurt is yummy too! Made with whole milk, goes really well with fruit and/or granola.

I have had the privilege of hearing Gary Hirshberg , cofounder of Stonyfield Organic, speak. He has a passion for healthy food, healthy people and a healthy planet. Stonyfield Organic yogurt is free of toxic persistent pesticides, with live active cultures and uses only pasture raised milk. Stonyfield Organic has no artificial hormones, antibiotics or GMOs.

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Our family fell in love with OOLY years ago. Their products are for all ages and bring pure joy to our family. We have made so many fun crafts including a bug barn and rock painting.

OOLY not only makes my kid happy by giving them DIY tools to “create their happy,” but they give back by giving a percentage of EVERY PURCHASE to teachers and students in need through their Adopt A Classroom Program.

kid painting

Here’s to a fun, happy and colorful life!

boy drinking Elmhurst oat milk


Elmhurst is not the first plant based milk our family has tried but boy is it a hit! There is definitely a difference in taste and quality. We are hooked.

Their process is simpler and better from start to finish. First, a unique HydroRelease™ method allows them to use more of the source grain, nut, or seed. This means superior nutrition and flavor with fewer ingredients. They then package their products in shelf-stable, recyclable cartons.

boy holding a box of Elmurst milked oats

Their Unsweetened Milked Oats is the bomb!

We are so grateful for the wonderful sponsors. Thank you so much.


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