Puppy Love (When We Were Kids, Book 2) [Kindle Edition] by Flo Barnett
Free Daily Books - December 3, 2014

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Age Level: 8 – 13 | Grade Level: 3 – 9

Experiencing puppy love for the first time takes the Kolinski kids on a wild roller coaster ride, sometimes thrilling, and at other moments making them sick to their stomachs. Betty Lou receives a beautiful gift which makes her question everything from who might have gifted her to her negative opinion of her body image while Danny chastises himself for succumbing to peer pressure being applied to his friendship with Emily. Brother and sister become estranged when Lou tells the family about Danny’s girlfriend. Both are bullied, but remain constant in their efforts to be victorious over their aggressors in the future. Memories Dad are always with them and Betty Lou begins to write letters to her father as a way of keeping their lines of communication open. As Christmas approaches, the two siblings settle their differences and plan to visit their family’s homelands when they are older.

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