Kids - July 12, 2020

pointing laser shooter toward target on colorful wall

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Boy, has this been a rough summer! We have had to get creative with indoor activities. I never knew staying home could be so stressful. The boys love their shooters but I don’t care for the bullets flying by me or hearing the boys run up and down the stairs (as I cringe). Rules have been broken over and over this summer for the sake of my sanity.

boy holding Projex laser toy in a box

We were sent the best laser shooter that is bullet free, battery operated and great for travel. It’s like having an arcade in your house! It’s called Projex, a projecting game arcade and it’s great for the whole family. Just point the blasters to any wall in a dark area and point and shoot!

lazer shooter pointing at target

It’s also keeps score for those of us that are competitive, lol.

items that come inside Projex

Set Up Instructions

  1. Install three BRAND NEW, FRESH “AA” alkaline batteries.
  2. Set ProjeX on a low table, with the projector aimed at the wall. The projector should be 5 feet from the wall.
  3. Slide an image slide into the image slot, rounded side up (if it doesn’t fit, it’s backwards).  Blue = easy, red = medium, white = difficult
  4. Plug in both blasters.  Then, if you’re playing solo, unplug one.
  5. Press the red power button. You have 45 seconds to adjust the focus.
  6. Press the red button again to select game 1-5.
  7. Press the blue button to select your level – beginner, advanced or expert.
  8. To start playing solo or head-to-head, load your blaster by sliding the button on the top. Each reload gives you 6 shots. You can reload at any time.
  9. To start a Co-Op game, where you combine your scores, both players must hold the trigger while they reload.

If you do not plug in your blasters before pressing the red “Power On” button, you may hear a buzzer sound.  If this happens, you may need to reinstall your batteries to reset your machine.

The most important detail is to plug in the blasters before powering on the game.

Projex is a great toy overall for kids and is great in any room in the house or it can be tossed in a backpack for a playdate!

Projex is also available on Amazon.

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