Parenting Boys by Jacqueline A. Kinsey
Free Daily Books - January 27, 2015

81ZUjbcwPGL._SL1257_(Advice On Raising Boys From Brain Development And Physical Growth To Sex Talk, Puberty, And Role Models) [Kindle Edition]

A Guide to Parenting Boys – Learn the Best Way to Raise Your Boys

According to research findings released for the National Adoption Week, 24% of men and 21% of women have the impression that boys are harder to parent than girls. Is it true?

Is raising a boy more difficult than bringing up a girl? Or is it just preconceived notion?

Many parents have mixed views on this. Several who have raised boys and girls say yes, they found that it took them more effort to look after a boy than a girl. Other parents quash this and say that their daughters were harder to raise than their sons. When we listen to the child care experts though they all say that boys are not harder to raise, they are just different.

Boys need to be handled differently than girls to teach them better behavior. That is the challenge of every parent – to figure out how to handle a young boy who is an individual with his own personality. How will you be able to help him grow into a confident and responsible man?

This book aims to answer every parent’s questions about raising a son. There are shared experiences and some helpful advice for you so you can help your boy grow into a better son, a better friend and a better husband and dad in future.

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