“Open your eyes” and be GRATEFUL
Blog - December 7, 2014

I just came back from a weekend retreat.  It was eye-opening, amazing, spiritual and a weekend I will never forget.  I met life long friends that I will see again in the near future.  I opened my heart to different ideas and embraced change. It was recommended that I visit this site and watch this video.  Although I am not Catholic, I am open to anything spiritual.  I am a seeker.

Lately, gratitude has been coming up time and time again and not just around Thanksgiving. This video reinforces our lack of understanding that everyday is a gift and that we take the simple things for granted. How lucky am I to have working hands to type?  To express my art which is writing?  To have a phone to call loved ones?  To have ears that can hear their voices on the other end?  To have taste buds to experience the amazing cookies I indulged in this weekend? Where was it in our busy lives that we forgot how lucky we were?  Was it while we were driving to our job that pays our bills?  Was it when we found out that we were going to have a child?  Or was it while we were moving into a new house?  Was it when we got that new puppy?   Was it when we went to the beach weekly because we live just down the street from it?  Or was it when we got to watch the snow falling during the holidays.  Was it when we started getting used to taking hot showers every day?  Or when we purchased that designer coffee with all the toppings that we feel so entitled to have?    I’m not asking you to compare yourself to the starving children in Africa.  I’m asking you to be grateful for having a pillow to rest your head on at night.  I’m asking you to see that everyday you are here on this earth, you are fortunate.  Embrace it.  Live life like it’s your last day and you know it.


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