Nurturing My Son’s Creativity With The Kano Computer Set
Blog - January 25, 2017


I just started learning code.  There’s no way around it when you have a Blog.  But I remember learning code in high school and the confidence I received when using it and figuring it out.  It was amazing!

This Christmas my son shocked me with these words, “Mommy I want the Kano Computer…that’s ALL I want!”  All his friends talk about Super Mario and video games – I have no clue about them because he’s just not getting them.  Period.

He didn’t care about anything else, not Spiderman or Ninja Turtles, no Legos, or even remote control cars.  All he wanted was the Kano Computer Kit.  He was obsessed.  Maybe it’s because he’s growing up.  Or because he see his parents on their computers for their jobs so much.  Either way, my father was a rocket scientist and I never asked for a computer, lol.  EVER. A typewriter yes, but not a computer.

I was hesitant because he’s only five years-old.  I thought maybe it would be too advanced for him. But he’s creative.  He’s curious.  As a parent, it is my responsibility to encourage anything that feeds his creativity.  Plus, technology is our future.  It’s only going to get more advanced.  Why not start them young?

First of all, you get to build the computer, which is pretty cool. I sat with my husband and they put the pieces together which is a very easy process, but made my 5 year-old feel like he built the computer from scratch!

Once you get started it is pretty easy. The operating system is easy to navigate. The one thing that scared me is that my son doesn’t know how to read, and coding is all about reading and writing, so I wasn’t sure how things would turn out. But it turned out to be a wonderful experience for him and my husband as my son maneuvers his character in Story Mode and my husband reads the educational messages the various characters they encounter give them. It is a great way for my son to learn about what makes a computer, and a great introduction to coding. Later when he starts reading he will be able harness the full power of Kano, and take his toy to the next level.

Unlike a video game, Kano is educational and truly creative, and most of all it is suitable for virtually all ages, so you won’t feel like you’re playing a kid’s game when you kids want you to use Kano with them.

The Computer Kit also comes with the typical apps you’d expect from a regular computer or tablet: a proper web browser, text editor, YouTube, Scratch, Codecademy, and hundreds more in the app store.

There are many challenges that will test your coding progress and challenge your brain. All of it while giving you real-world coding experience.

On the technical side, the brain of your computer is a Raspberry Pi 3. It’s tiny, but powerful. The Kano OS is open-source and built to demystify the PC and teach computational thinking.

A lot of people don’t realize, but you can actually connect your Kano to a flat screen t.v. with an HDMI port.  The picture will look amazing, not stretched, just as if you have it hooked up to a computer screen. For those who don’t want their kids to monopolize the t.v. or to add the experience of a computer that looks more like yours, Kano sells a great bundle that includes a monitor at a very affordable price.

Check out my son’s reaction when he received it on Christmas Day!  He was thrilled.

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