Non-Candy Preschool Gifts Under $20 + Free Printables
Fun - January 23, 2020

Check out how I found some non-candy preschool gifts under $20 for Valentine’s Day!

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Valentines Day is just around the corner and it’s party time again!  My kids love Valentines Day but for one reason only.  CANDY!  I’m trying to break them from the idea that Valentines Day is all about candy but that’s the message they see everywhere we go.  Unfortunately, we can’t escape it.

Whenever we go shopping we are bombarded with different types of chocolates and candy gifts and although I’m a big chocolate fan, I haven’t participated in giving Valentines Day Gifts to all my friends.  That’s for another post, another day.

So, I’ve found some cheap Valentine’s Day non candy gifts, including cards, that the kids will love. These non candy Valentine’s Day gifts are all under $20 too.


This year I want to switch it up and make non-candy Valentines Day Gifts for my son’s preschool class.   That doesn’t mean Henri won’t come home with candy, lol.  He will just have one less bag of candy and something to keep him busy rather than jacked up on sugar.

Here’s the tricky part.  How do you do this without breaking the bank?  I usually go to Family Dollar to buy Valentines Day stuff but to be honest, I shopped somewhere else this time and was able to get much more unique gifts for both girls and boys.  All under $20.  Here’s what I found at Target.


I purchased little goody pails.  They were so festive!  Plus, they can be regifted.  Regifting is good.  It works.

Valentine's Day buckets with mini lip gloss cupcakes and squishy balls

Then I looked for stuff for girls and boys.  But the items I purchased were used  for both girls and boys, like the notepads and some were just a matter of color.     When buying candy that doesn’t really matter to most kids.  Candy is candy.

Girls Non-Candy Preschool Gifts Under $20

Heart Glasses 4 Pk$1Family Dollar
Heart Straws  4 Pk$1Family Dollar
Heart Notepad  8 Pk$1Family Dollar
Cupcake Gloss  4 Pk$1Target
Bouncy Balls  4 Pk$1Target
Heart Pencils  12 Pk$1Target
Heart Pens 4 Pk$1Target
4 Goody Pails$1 x 4Target


I loved putting girly stuff in the girls gifts like the cupcake lip gloss!  So adorable.

You can also get a 12 pack of cupcake lip gloss on Amazon.

mini cupcake lip gloss for some non-candy preschool gifts under $20 for Valentine's Day

Don’t forget these FREE PRINTABLES!

free be mine printable

Boys Non-Candy Preschool Gifts Under $20

collage of some non-candy preschool gifts under $20 for Valentine's Day

Boys!!!!!!!!  I LOVE  my boys.  #boymom ALL THE WAY!

Target made it so easy to shop for their gifts! Here is what I got.

Grow In Water Animals 4 Pk$1Target
Play Doh 4 pk$1Target
Airplane Erasers$1Target
Bouncy Balls$1Target
Heart Notepad$0Family Dollar
Goody Bag Pails X 4$4Target


These were so much fun to make!  A lot more than candy.  They give the kids something to do, not eat, lol.  At this age they want to express how well they know how to spell their name and their ABC’s, so why not give them tools to keep doing it…all while jacked up on other peoples candy, haha.

My favorite item in the boys pail was eraser airplane. It comes apart too.  Adorbs.

Bucket of kid's goodies

I truly had fun putting this together and I can’t wait to give it to the kids for Valentines Day!

Aren’t these the cutest Valentine’s Day gift ideas for preschoolers? What are you’re “go to” items for Valentine’s Day?



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