No New Years Resolutions Just Solutions
Blog - January 7, 2015

I love how you can find some of the best “deals” on gyms, workout programs and fad diets in January.  This is when the the New Years Eve “resolutioners” take advantage.  But are they being taken advantage of?  What better time to get someone to sign up for a gym membership when they have overindulged over the holidays? Even I joined the YMCA in January a while back because they had a great deal.
Did I quit smoking New Years Eve?
No, I quit when I had gum surgery and realized that smoking would be the ultimate disrespect to my body after what I just went through.
Did I start my diet on New Years Eve and lose weight thereafter? No, I was walking the dog one day while my mom videotaped me and when I played back the video and saw myself from the back, I knew something had to change.
Why is there so much pressure to make changes on New Years Eve?  Why must we change in January? Why not August?
Yes, it is a new year.  Yes, a new year means new beginnings.  Reflecting. Self-improvement. Starting over.  Starting fresh.  Blah, blah, blah.
But I like to think I can start over anytime anyway. If I waited until New Years Eve to decide what I wanted to change then I would be the worlds biggest procrastinator.  For now I am just a procrastinator.
Everyday something changes for me.
One day I might be faced with the fact that my son loves school and probably would benefit from it everyday.  However, I’m not ready.  What can I do about that?
How am I ever going to stop chewing my nails when I’ve been doing it for at least 38 years?
Will this year be the year that I cut off my long hair?
When will the next time be that I get to eat my favorite White Chocolate Raspberry Bread Pudding from Pinon Grill?  After all, I might as well say screw it, I’ve eaten my way through the holidays…..
Sometimes I know that I am overeating because it’s a holiday and the temptation is just too much.  Why not?  Christmas only comes once a year, right?  The only problem is that so does Valentines Day, Birthdays (4 in our family=4 Birthday cakes) and Thanksgiving.  I know I can’t eat clean for twelve months straight.  I think that it is asking too much of myself. That’s why I don’t have the New Years resolution to go on a diet.  Sure, I am eating clean for probably twenty one days starting today.  But that is not a New Years Resolution. That has been my solution for quiet a while.  It has worked for me.  That’s as much as I can do in one go.  And my body thanks me for it.
So what’s the solution?  A New Years NOT so resolution! That’s the solution. It might sound silly but I like to set goals but not promises for myself.  After all, promises were made to be broken, right?  So are resolutions.  Why can’t we just have goals and not put a huge name and time of year on them? Why can’t we reflect everyday and work on self-improvement regularly, rather that once a year?
I will live my life like I have for many years, one day at a time.  One struggle at a time.  Finding solutions to problems through my network of wonderful friends.  I will be making short term goals that turn into long term goals.  But I will not say “this year, I am going to…..”
What I will say is “everyday I will find gratitude and take time to be in the moment and if I forget I will do it the next day without being down on myself.”
Happy New Year!

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