Things to do on New Year’s Eve at Home 2024
Featured on Home - December 14, 2022

Are you looking for things to do on New Year’s Eve at home? I found some fun ideas to celebrate a Happy New Year with the family without leaving the house.

New Year's Eve Ideas

We are coming to a close for 2024. Hallelujah! 2024 has been a year a crazy year for us, we are still social distancing but homeschooling has come to an end. We are all trying to do our best. The previous year, one of our “firsts” was traveling while virtual learning. Now we are all anticipating the upcoming year and thinking about New Year’s Eve celebrations.

This year I began to substitute teach at my son’s school and that helps me get out of the house. It’s helped me get out of the funk from the past year. It’s been hard not to travel and stay home so much.

What are the Guidelines this Year?

I know a lot of people want to have fun on New Year’s Eve and will be going out. They are looking for a great time. But, the CDC recommends staying home for the Holidays, which means staying home for New Year’s Eve and laying low.

We will be staying home because I’m not sure we can even stay up until midnight. We will watch the ball drop in Times Square, cut the cake (Greek Tradition) and go to bed. But we can still have a dance party in the living room!

Not Your Traditional New Year’s Eve

Things Have Changed

This may not be a traditional New Year’s Eve celebration. Things have changed drastically in the last two years. Hopefully, we have already mastered the art of zooming and figured out quarantining ideas for kids. This is a time for us to get out the board games and spend time with the family. A fun game is all this family needs.

Leave the Christmas Tree Up

We will leave the Christmas Tree up until then. It looks so festive in our house and we can easily make it look like we are having a New Year’s Eve party by keeping Holiday decorations up and some great ideas.

Get Some Party Inspiration

Get inspired. We just need to get some party hats and noisemakers! Or we could make our own.

Check out these awesome ideas for some great ways to celebrate coming year with your family members. Even older kids can do these activities.

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2024 New Year's Eve Ideas

Fun, stay at home New Year's Ideas for the whole family.

Things to do on New Year's Eve

These are some fun activities for everyone. I wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year for 2024. What’s a great way you celebrate new year’s Eve?



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