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Food - August 21, 2016

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I had to discuss making a pizza with my son Henri.  Yes, it was a full on discussion. With a four year old.

He can be a difficult eater and it only takes one thing or one word to put him off food.   So I had to tread lightly. There are so many reasons why he or any other four year old might not eat his food such as;  it has the wrong color, it’s “smooshy,” it’s furry, it’s slippery, it’s smells, and lastly, my favorite “I just don’t like it,” even though he’s never tried it.

But what kid doesn’t like pizza?  EVERYONE likes pizza! But not everyone likes veggies on their pizza, especially four year olds.  And I had just romanced him back into broccoli after a year hiatus.  He won’t eat carrots cooked or raw.  But he will eat them shredded.  I blam2015-09-20 17.39.37e that on the French in him. But how would I get the veggies on pizza? He absolutely refuses to put anything on his pizza!  So mission MyPlate Pizza was about to start.

He was up for the occasion as long as we could put peanut butter pretzels on top of the pizza and absolutely NO pizza sauce.  Of course not.

Because it would be so out of the norm to put pizza sauce on pizza and and makes so much sense to put peanut butter pretzels on top.

So how would we come up with a kid friendly pizza recipe?

Fresh Baby has a great solution to this on their site, FreshBaby.com.

MyPlate-Pizza-Tips-ThumbnailThey have a  MyPlate Pizza tip sheet to make it easy to plan your pizza date!   No romancing necessary here!  Everything you need to know about different pizza making options, from crust to protein.  It shows you the variety of ingredients you can use to make an easy and healthy pizza recipe. It’s all on their MyPlate Pizza tip sheet.

2015-09-20 17.01.58So what did we make? We conjured up our own healthy pizza recipe!  We made a delicious white pizza with whole grain pita bread, mozzarella, broccoli, shredded carrots and apple!!! It was amazing too! He loved making it and we all enjoyed eating it.  He snacked on broccoli and apple while making it.  Technically for me, that is not snacking if you know what I mean.

So from now on, we will be having a pizza night and slowly (I mean slowly) introducing new ingredients to try.  Here are some other recipes and helpful links for making kid friendly healthy pizza.  Enjoy and check out FreshBaby.com.



Add Flax Seed to your pizza

Incredible Bean Pizza

Make a Hawaiian Pizza

Add Avocados to Your Pizza







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  1. This is actually a great idea! I had r thought of it before, but pizza would be a great way to introduce new foods as toppings—slowly…in tiny bites.. 🙂

  2. when we were kid we had some thing llike this we had pizza dough made allready in freeze we take it out a nd then the stuff we wanted like pepeorni cheese and pinapple and then crushed peper

  3. I have a lot of trouble with getting my six year old to eat different stuff. He is very picky about pizza and just likes to pick the stuff off the top! We’ve made homemade pizza before, an there’s been a few times he actually ate the crust too. Also, we have a lot of fun making it together! 🙂

  4. The white Pizza that you made does sound awesome! It really wise for you to get your Son involved with a lot of veggies while he is still young! My pick for a pizza would be . Tomato sauce with oregano and garlic salt added . My toppings would be Fresh sliced tomato’s. Sausage,Black olives, mushrooms and slices of fresh Mozzarella Cheese. Thankyou for this enjoyable post! :0)

  5. What a great way to get your picky eaters to eat some veggies! Most kids love pizza. We are just hotting the all I want to eat is oranges & cereal & chocolate milk. I’m going to try & make a pizza with him & hope for the best! Thanks soo much for a great tip! 🙂

  6. I wish I had of had access to this when my youngest daughter was little. If I had maybe she wouldn’t be so picky even now at age 19, but at least she will try some new things now. This is wonderful to have your son help with making the pizza and I would think that he would be more interested in eating it.

  7. My kids are such picky eaters but this sounds like a great idea to try and get them to try some new things.I love the My Pizza Plate tip sheet.Thank you for sharing this 🙂

  8. I love this idea and have been thinking about doing this for a while. My son likes no sauce and wants ranch dressing instead! I like extra sauce myself.

  9. This is my son in a nutshell!! So picky and he’s only 2!! HE’s a big texture kid. No jello, no eggs lol… too weird for him. Mine likes pizza too!! But I swear he can find and pick out every veggie I put in it lol!! Ive been wanting to try a cauliflower crust?!?! You are so lucky your guy will eat broccoli!! I am still fighting a war over here over any veggie lol :/ Smh!

  10. I find that getting my little one involved right off from the making of the grocery list (circling items in the flyer), selecting items in store and putting in their own little cart, and prep at home goes a long way. She has been a pretty good eater and is willing to try everything twice before deciding she does not care for it.

  11. I love that your doing a pizza night, I have a couple of daughters who do pizza night for there children and one of them they are always adding something different, so there children can get use to more vegetables and like flax seed , pumpkin seeds and a few other things, .. I love this idea,,,

  12. This is a great idea. My son isn’t a picky eater, but even at 15 months he’s started to get interested in “helping” make our food and this is a great way to try something different!

  13. I have a very picky and anti-vegetable 8 year old, so I’ll have to try this out with him. Hopefully he’ll go for it. Thank you for sharing!

  14. What a great idea!! Unfortunately, my kids would see the veggies on the pizza and absolutely refuse to eat it. Even if they help make it. It really does sound yummy though, I eish mine were a little more adaptable lol.

  15. When my kids were young, I did some things that annoyed my hubby at times, to get them to eat. I didn’t want to do what my dad did to us – sit there until we ate our veggies! I’m surprised I love veggies at all!!!

  16. My husband is a pizza lover & he will make homemade crusts, which can be interesting sometimes ;), & he gives the kids their own crust & they build whatever kind of pizza they want. They have tons of fun but the mess they leave behind is unreal, lol 🙂

  17. I love pizza, I never thought of adding flax to it, that’s a genius way to sneak some healthy into my picky autistic girl.

  18. It’s great that you and your son were able to come up with a pizza idea that he would like and that he got to participate in making it too, glad he enjoyed it!!

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