My First 48 Hours On Fathom
Blog - June 20, 2016

The First 48 Hours with Fathom

This was the second cruise I had ever been on.  I was excited to try something new, especially the impact activities.  I am not one to hang out on “Booze Cruises” so I was happy with this new concept.

I had heard that the Adonia was a British ship but didn’t really realize what it meant until I got on board.  The first words on the intercom were in a British accent. It’s always nice to hear the accent as I was born in Britain and have a British mother.  The only thing I had read was that there was plenty of tea on the ship.  As a coffee drinker, that made me nervous.   Turns out coffee was plentiful, however, there was no Starbucks on the ship.  Bummer.

The Room

I was upgraded to the “Balcony” room and was shocked at how spacious it was.  It is huge!


Seriously, it was as big as the studio I rented back in my South Beach days!  I had a queen bed ALL TO MYSELF.


The bathroom is small as you would expect on a boat/ship of any size, but there is definitely enough room to shower and get ready.  I loved the eco-friendly shower items.  If you run out just ask the attendant and they will gladly get you more.

IMG_4553There is tea and coffee with creamer and sugar available.  I made my own instant coffee and it was pretty good.  It also can be refilled.  If you don’t feel like getting water from outside you can order four huge bottles of water for $10 and they lasted me the whole week.  I brought a canteen and filled it up in the cafeteria for walking around the ship.  I also did the same with my coffee thermos.

desk pic

There is a TV, a safe, and a huge closet with hangers.  I bought some of my own but they weren’t needed. The space in the room was really well thought of with tons of storage space and drawers; there was even enough room under the bed for my huge suitcase.

Exploring The Adonia

Walking around the Adonia is like walking around a small village, when you first discover it, it’s easy to get lost.  On the other hand, I can get lost in my bedroom, so…  There are so many places to dine, lounge, and relax.  Many shops, a spa, movie theater, fitness center, even a library.  I didn’t even see the gym until the last two days of the trip, but I wish I had gone there the first day.  But by the end of the trip we were pros and really got to know the crew, impact guides, and the lovely wait staff.


There was a kick off party with “The Craze Band” with music and activities.


They had lots of activities scheduled but my favorite was getting the “message in the bottle.”  The past cruisers wrote their message to us and we would do the same at the end of the trip if we wanted.

be the change collage fathom

 The Conservatory Buffet

I call this the most important part of the ship.  I would not survive without it lol. It is where you can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner and grab coffee, tea, ice tea, lemonade and water.   You are required to sanitize your hands every time you enter the area.  This was comforting knowing that they were proactive with preventing germs spreading.

There was a variety of food from jerk chicken to curries.  They offered different fish, a salad bar and fruit.  There was a nice cheese and cracker area too with a variety of cheeses.  I found that a lot of the food was British and Indian inspired.  I was happy about that given that I grew up with these foods.  There was also a variety of desserts.  I guarantee anyone will find their perfect match.  Most of them were pretty delicious.  I will get into more detail about the food in my next article…

While Sailing…

Since we were sailing the first forty eight hours were all about discovering the Adonia.


I sent a postcard.

I also attended my first cohort group run by Francisco, one of the Impact Guides.


I strongly suggest showing up for the cohort groups.  They provide great insight into what to expect as a fathom traveler and get you to step out of your comfort zone by getting involved in discussions, and meeting other fathom travelers.  The groups forced us to get to know others on the ship which is not something you do on a traditional cruise.  I got to meet some pretty amazing people!

IMG_6005 - Copy

By the second day, I was ready for some more activities and fun!  I didn’t make the yoga but tried out the meditation.   There was so much to do on the second day, I wish I could go back in time and participate in more things.  They offered dance classes, various fitness and informational health classes.  There was a cocktail class and a Spanish Phrase class, a movie… So much to do!

I signed up for Wine and Paint Night and had a blast!   I highly suggest this activity but it fills up fast so I recommend signing up asap.  It is only $20 and totally worth it!

unnamedI can’t wait to share with you what happened on my impact activities, my time in Puerto Plata, and the rest of my experience on the Adonia.


 I was a guest of Fathom.  All opinions are my own.



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  1. That looks like so much fun! We went on our first cruise a couple years ago. We were a little disappointed in the ship we went on so we know the one we want to go on next time.

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