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Makeup & Beauty - August 24, 2016


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It is so inconvenient to travel with bottles of makeup remover.  Have you ever had to deal with it spilling in your suitcase?  Ugh!  It’s not fun!

Now when I travel, I take this into consideration.  If I have to take anything that is liquid, I put it in a plastic bag and that plastic bag goes into yet another plastic bag…

So I was excited to try Momoup Facial Makeup Remover Pads.  The packaging is adorable and I love that you can slip them on your fingers for easier makeup removal.  Momoup Facial Makeup Remover Pads takes the messiness out of traveling.  For only $8.99 you get 50 pieces of Cotton Finger-cot Cleaning Facial Makeup Remover Pads  in a 25-pack. 


There is no shortage of cleansing lotion and the two pads fit in a credit card sized packet.

My only recommendation is that you splash your eyes with water after using them. Just like any cleanser, you want to remove excess product.

My makeup typically comes off with one or two swipes.


I also tried the Momoup Makeup Blotting Papers.


These are perfect for Florida!  We are always sweaty and oily here, haha.  This cute little panda fits in your purse or wallet easily.  It is made of imported top-graded paper with super fine pulp fiber, and is 3 times more efficient than other oil-absorbing paper.  It’s also bacteria resistant and comes with a replaceable sheet roll for recycling, which makes it environment friendly.

I don’t even have oily skin but I’ve been carrying this in my purse because it’s so darn cute!  It’s only $9.99.  Check it out here.

blotting paper

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