Mommies Making Money Online by Lorna Marquet
Free Daily Books - December 26, 2014

81M+fLc6RZL._SL1500_Learn To Build Run and Grow an Online Business – Designed and Written Specifically For Moms [Kindle Edition]

Want to Start Your Own Online Business & Work From Home?

Have you ever dreamed of what it would be like running your own Internet business?

Do you want to quit your job & work from home while your children are young?

Have you heard stories of Mom’s working from home and generating significant income and thought I would love that?

Why You Need To Read This Book

Never before in history has it been so easy to open an online business. The explosion of the global connected economy allows anyone with an Internet connection the ability to buy and sell things online. Yet only a select few are making any money at it. Mommies Making Money Online is a book written and designed to help Mom’s like you understand the principles and secrets of the Internet and break each step down into a simple process housed within the 7 pillars.

Who Is This Book For?

Mommies Making Money Online is a book specifically written to help Mom’s succeed in building, running and growing an online business from home.

What Will This Book Teach Me?

How to find the time to build an online business

How to choose your niche and what you will sell

How to build a great website easily and cheaply

What are the 7 Pillars of Making Money Online?

Each of the 7 pillars to making money online needs to be understood, followed and completed to move forward in your goal to make money online. They are as follows:

Intention – Your internal driving force, your visual dreams of success

Niche – Understand the importance of selecting a niche

Products – What will you sell?

Customers – How to attract customers, engage, extract revenue, repeat

Tools and Services – Learn to have others build whatever you want

Optimization – The art of taking what you have and making it better

Innovation – Never stand still, innovate and innovate more

Why a Book Specifically About Mom’s Making Money Online?

99% of the books written about making money online are very broad and don’t seem to touch on a person’s unique circumstances. We have lived and are currently living the dream of owning our own online business. We understood that to empower Mom’s to connect to the global economy and take as little or as much as they wanted to achieve their dreams and take control of their family’s future, was not only a right, but also an obligation.

More Than a Book

Mommies Making Money Online is not just a book, but part of a much larger ecosystem that includes a website and free action plan. At the end of each chapter, you have a list of action steps that you are advised to complete before moving onto the next. Links in the book deliver you the digital action plan direct to your inbox.

Take Control of your Family’s Future

You may be a complete beginner, you may already have an online business but are struggling to make it work, you may be stuck in a job you hate and wish for a better future, you may be at the end of your parental leave and dreading putting your child into day care and returning to a job you hate.

Take Action Now

Whatever your reason may be, this book can help you to unlock the secrets of the global connected economy and take control of your family’s future today. Other Mom’s will be reading this book too. Don’t miss out!

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