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Mommy Products - September 12, 2014

sola perfectI left our stroller in Arizona when we were there visiting.  “Darn! I guess we have to get a new stroller!” I said to my husband.  I tried to pretend that it was a travesty. “I can’t believe this happened!”   I said, acting infuriated.  But  I was done with the old stroller.  It did it’s time and we loved it but our son was now about one and a half and was ready for something different.  Or WE were ready for something different.  So of course we were not that torn up when we realized that we forgot to put it in the car.  By the way, it made it’s way back from Az when my mom visited for the birth of our second son.

So we found our dream stroller at Babies R Us right when we were about to give up.  It was on sale because it was an older model.  I loved the modern style right away.  I loved that the baby could sleep in it like a bassinett because it folded back flat.  I loved that I could quickly change the baby in it if I was in a bind.  The chair also flips around so I can walk face to face with my angel.  It is pretty light.  I don’t have to kill my self to put it in the car.  It collaspses easily and also has a really spacious basket at the bottom.  The best thing for me is that it isn’t too short for me, like many strollers.  I am 5′ 9 and I didn’t have to slouch when pushing it.

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