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Blog - February 20, 2017

Henri recently got his first plant to take care of.  He was so excited.  It was the first important thing he was in charge of.  It was time.  At five years-old, I could tell he was struggling with being told what to do and how to do it all the time.  I’m 46 years-old and I still have trouble with that!  He needed to feel like he was in control of something.

So, he checks on his plant and cares for it and really enjoys it.  Even his little brother knows not to touch it because it is his plant.  I want to teach my kids about nature and how it important it is for us to keep it preserved.  We need to respect it.

When I see my boys pulling leaves off trees and kicking bushes, as boys do sometimes, I try to explain to them that the trees are living things and we don’t treat anything like that.

So, here is Oliver hugging a bush after I reprimanded him for kicking it.  I didn’t ask him to hug it, lol.

I have never been one to garden, meaning I am not a gardener in any shape or form.  I envy people that garden.  It looks so peaceful and fulfilling. I wish I could.  It’s hard here in Florida where it’s so humid outside.  I can only take being outside in the sun for a short period of time.

But I do love plants.  I just have a hard time maintaining them.  I am proud to say that one plant that was given as a wedding gift has thrived all these years.  But to manage different plants,  I would need a cheat sheet.  I don’t have the time to read a book on gardening.  So, I want to learn slowly and grow herbs first.  I think that’s a good start. Then maybe I can start planting flowers and vegetables.

The great thing about having kids, especially boys, is that you get to live through them and do things you might not have done growing up.  They teach me to step out of the box.  I won’t be handling any bugs any time soon, but I definitely would like to start planting seeds!

So, when I received my herb kit from Sproutbrite, I was excited to try it out.  I intended to get it for the kids so they could learn to plant seeds, but secretly I wanted to learn, lol.

We had so much fun opening our Sproutbrite Herb Kit gift box and discovering all the different herbs we could plant.  It is an heirloom vegetable seed kit for home gardening.

There were many herbs to choose from but we chose to start with one.  The great thing about Sproutbrite is that the kit includes easy to grow varieties of NON-GMO open pollinated seeds. I grabbed a mason jar and got started. The kids loved the bright colors of the packaging and little boxes of seeds.  They were really curious and couldn’t wait to get started.

You would think it was easy.  You just throw the seeds in a pot of soil, right? Wrong!  There are other factors to consider;  Are you going to plant indoors or outdoors and what type of soil you are using? How big should the pot be and how many seeds would you put in?  What kind of lighting does the plant need and when will it start growing?

Thank God for the cheat sheet inside the box!  It is a four page easy to follow guide on a card that you can easily put on your refrigerator for reference. It comes with a planting calendar and companion planting chart. Everything you need to know is on that card!

We started with one.  Better to start slow…

We got some soil, moistened it, like suggested, and put a few seeds on top of the soil in a small mason jar.

These are high quality seeds so we only put a few in and pushed them under the soil. Now we can refer to our guide to see how much light it needs and how often it needs to be watered.  Easy, peazy.

Sproutbrite also sells two other kits. You can purchase a a Vegetable kit and a Wildflowers Kit on Amazon.

These are great gifts for kids.  I would much rather have my child receive this as a gift for their birthday than a toy.  This not only creates memories for them but also keeps them engaged with nature.

What’s also great about purchasing from a company like SproutBrite is that they give back.  Sproutbrite donates 10% of its sales to charities, one being my favorite, They also have a Thank a Teacher program where you can send a unique gift to your favorite teacher and they will mail it to their school with a thank you note included.

Above all, Sproutbrite wants to make the world a brighter place by making people smile.  We can all benefit from that.

And we are looking forward to planting more seeds and watching them turn into beautiful herbs.

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