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Food - July 24, 2016


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I bet if I asked you if your child was a picky eater, 90% of you would say yes.  My kids will eat anything that are snacks.  So broccoli becomes a snack.  Chicken nuggets become snacks.  God forbid my sons eat a full meal!  Yes, it’s called lunch and dinner.  But they just don’t get it.  So they snack a lot and of course one of their favorite snacks is my precious Smart For Life cookies!   You can take my Starbucks away for a few days, but don’t take away my Smart For Life cookies!


So when we discovered the Lucky Bars, my picky eaters/ kids were thrilled!  They have as much protein as two eggs and are so tasty the kids have to hide them from me! These are by far the best protein bars for kids, especially picky eaters!

Lucky Bars are gluten free, preservative free, no artificial colors or flavors, and no GMO’s.

They have five flavors but we tried the Crazy Coconut.  YUMMY!


I totally identify with Jamie Oberweger, Chief Mom and Luckybar Founder when it comes to our boys.  I worry that they don’t get enough protein.  They love carbs; bread and cereal.  And if they could only drink milk all day, they would.  Sure milk has protein, but it has almost twice as much sugar than protein.   So when I heard that Dr. Moulavi, founder of Smart For Life was the science behind the Lucky Bars I was stoked!

The boys love their Lucky Bars – the only issue is trying to figure out what flavor they want.  They are all so delicious!

So whether your packing for summer camp or a road trip, or simply need a snack for school, Lucky Bars will keep the kids satisfied.

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  1. This sounds like a life saver of a product! Most kids love, Love, LOVE carbs and getting in other food groups is a challenge. Lucky Bars sounds like they help!

  2. These would be awesome. My daughter is such a picky little one but always seems to want snacks. SO these would be perfect for her.

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