Lost Innocence: The Accused (part 1) (Tales From The Land of Smiles) by Simon Palmer
Free Daily Books - November 24, 2014


Book Description
Michael, an artist charged with a crime he claims he didn’t commit, and John, a self-confessed heroin smuggler, are brought together in the primitive and over-crowded prison infamously known as the BANGKOK HILTON. Michael fights for his freedom, while John, resigned to his fate, wants only to regain his dignity. Michael’s grandfather, a once brilliant lawyer, is brought out of retirement and flies to Bangkok to fight a case in a city where justice is bought and sold to the highest bidder and corruption is the oil that greases the wheels in the Land of Smiles.

Running out of time and unable to find the only witness, he searches for another way to succeed in what seems a hopeless case.

Meanwhile, in order to survive the most appalling conditions in jail, Michael and John must make the best of a dire situation as they wait for their separate fates to be decided. Will justice be served or will they see out the next ten years in that hell-hole of a prison?

Simon Palmer is a screen-writer and new novelist who lives in Bangkok and has spent months researching this novel visiting an Australian inmate called Mitchel Blake inside the Bangkok Hilton. This book is a must read for anyone thinking about taking risks in the Land of Smiles. Think twice.

Palmer was born in a small fishing town called Whitby in North Yorkshire. He had an interest in drama at an early age and attended the ‘Lee Strasberg School of Method Acting’ in London. His father was a lyricist/musician and Simon discovered he could also write. He had written his own lyrics and poems since he was seven, but then discovered at acting school that he could write much more. After writing short stories, monologues and duologues, he went onto to write two screenplays that were both sold. He has now set his sights on novel writing and has two novels about to be released with Spanking Pulp Press.
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