Lorenzo’s Cause by Stephen R. Harrison
Free Daily Books - January 10, 2015

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When Adam Drysdale’s self-inflicted misery drives him to take his own life, his only wish is for oblivion. He soon realises that his wish has not been granted when he finds himself returned to the world as a spirit. But he is no ordinary spirit, because he has the extraordinary ability to possess and control other living creatures.

And so begins Adam’s remarkable journey to uncover the reason behind his existence. It will involve cats and dogs, unwitting pensioners, some shady individuals, a psychotic gang leader and a highly unusual nightclub doorman. His journey will eventually lead him to the heart of why humans exist, and with it what the afterlife has in store for him.

Adam’s story combines fantasy, science fiction and the real world to describe the experiences and exploits that carry him forward. It becomes a road of redemption that will test him far beyond anything he had experienced in life.

As he progresses he is forced to reassess his attitude towards people’s beliefs. In life he had always questioned what people put their faith in. In death he finds that there are no straightforward answers.

Lorenzo’s Cause is a humorous, sad, and at times harrowing story, which reflects on the human condition as it twists and turns its way to some novel concepts of what lies beyond.

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