How To Make Litehouse Blue Cheese Buffalo Chicken Naan Flatbread
Food - July 9, 2016

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There are times when I allow myself a bit of decadence.  The Fourth of July counts as one of those times.  After all, we are celebrating something huge, aren’t we?  But for this foodie, decadence still needs to be fresh.  That includes fresh tasting, refrigerated dressings.  You won’t find room temperature dressings on my picnic table!

Blue cheese is always in my “decadent” recipes.  From blue cheese, pecan, cranberry salads to using it as dipping sauce for a slice of pizza, we can’t deny that it adds so much flavor!  Buffalo chicken wings are also a popular item at Fourth of July barbecues.  But why not create the same flavors with a different twist?


So I decided to add Litehouse Blue Cheese Dressing and buffalo chicken to a Naan flatbread recipe.  Check out this easy but full of flavor recipe.  It takes just a few minutes to prepare and is a great Fourth of July party item.

Serves 2 for dinner or 4-6 for appetizer


8 oz. chicken

buffalo sauce

1 Cup chopped tomatoes

1 Cup chopped scallions

Cilantro for taste and garnish

half an avocado chopped

2 slices of Naan bread

Chop up tomatoes and scallions and put aside.  Cook chicken breasts with buffalo sauce.  When chicken is cooked chop up into cubes and throw back into pan to soak up more of the buffalo sauce.

Heat up the Naan Bread.  I like to broil for about 3 minutes after to make it a little crispy.

When it’s ready add the chicken, tomatoes, scallions, avocado, and sprinkle some cilantro.  Lastly, I recommend adding dressing in a baggie and cutting off the edge and drizzling on the bread.  This way you can control how much of the blue cheese dressing you add.  I like a drizzle.  My husband complained that there wasn’t enough of the dressing.  But I’d rather add later than have to remove.


If you have any chicken left over, throw it in a mason jar and store for a nice salad for lunch the next day.  Make sure to add Litehouse Blue Cheese Dressing at the bottom.  Then add the chicken, veggies, and lettuce on top.  Your veggies will thank you for using only the freshest dressings.


This is a great option if  you’re feeling a little remorseful about indulging for the Fourth of July.  Just get back on track with a Litehouse Blue Cheese Dressing Buffalo Chicken Salad.  Skip the condiment isle in your local grocery store and head straight to the grocery section full of fresh foods and grab some Litehouse dressing!

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  1. This looks amazing! I love Naan bread, avocados and buffalo chicken! This recipe is perfect! I’m sure it would work well with LiteHouse’s Homestyle Ranch dressing too 🙂

  2. Ohhh….this looks so amazing! It would be a great quick and easy dinner choice! Thank you for sharing the recipe!

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