Lil Rhino Portable Changing Pad Mat Station w/ Wipe Case. Chevron Diaper Clutch by Lil Rhino Baby
Reviews - February 27, 2015


I don’t know how many times I have gone upstairs to change the baby because I did not want to take a risk with making a mess on the couch.  Up and down, up and down, up and down…my poor knees!  So this changing pad seems to be the answer to to all the world’s problems.  Actually, getting a place without stairs would really help too!  Anyway, I wasn’t really sure what would make this changing pad any different from the others I’ve had.  But after using it, I see it’s all about convenience.

It’s great for on the go but is also helpful at home.  I don’t leave a basket of diaper cream and diapers downstairs because somehow one of my two children will get to it.   So I usually have to go to my diaper bag or back upstairs.  But really, it’s a great way to organize your changing supplies and keep them all together. Not to mention, protect them from germs when out and about.

81X6d+I7F4L._SL1500_The pad is thick but small enough to throw in your diaper bag or car because it folds and detaches.  It has side wings to keep baby’s hands away from changing surface. It’s easy to clean and waterproof so it can just be wiped down.  It has enough storage space and pockets to put all all your essentials, including diaper cream and a large mesh pocket that can hold four diapers . It also comes with a white baby wipes case that can either fit in the zippered pocket or inside the elastic strapped area.  The baby wipes carrier keeps the wipes moist.  I found that it was too difficult to keep the baby wipes case inside the elastic strapped area.  It slips and slides, so it’s better to secured in the zippered pocket on the inside.  I also found that it was a little tough to close if more than two diapers were inside. It will close but it won’t look pretty.  But if I needed more diapers, I would just use the diaper bag.  The zipper pocket on the outside is a good place to easily access and store your keys, phone, and I.D. The gray, chevron pattern is fun and gender neutral.  This would make a great baby shower gift.  Who doesn’t need a changing pad that you can clip onto a shopping cart, use in a diaper bag, clip onto a stroller, or just use as a clutch?  So convenient!

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