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Clothing & Accessories - June 24, 2015


Essential Oils are a hot commodity these days.  They’ve been known for their healing properties but lately seem to get a lot more respect. Oil diffusers are popular and there is more of a buzz about essential oils.   That’s because their healing benefits are limitless.  This is why I dab a little Lavender Oil in my body lotion as I prepare for bed.  I also use it in my hand cream.  It relaxes me.

The same goes for stones.  Through the centuries, different cultures have used stones for various different things.  I’ve used my rose quartz for sleeping putting it under my pillow.  I’ve also used it for my relationship with my husband.  Sometimes it’s not just the vibrations and energy they possess but the thought process that goes into one’s mind when using the oil and jewelry.  Natural stones and essential oils have high vibrational frequencies.  When I saw LavHa and how they use these two together, I was so excited.  I had to try them! As I browsed through their website I found it hard to decide what I liked the most.  Everything is beautiful. They sent me two yoga bracelets with some essential oil.

I was curious how they worked together. Both my bracelets came with lava beads.  These are the beads that absorb the essential oils.  In other words, your jewelry does not only consist of healing stones but carries around with you the healing benefits of aromatherapy.  I love it and I loved my pieces.  This is what I found out about Lava on their website:

Lava –  “The Power of The Fire Within,”  Strength and Courage”

Lava is a stone of strength and courage. It allows one the opportunity for stability throughout changes in their life. Lava stone is, in essence, the solid form of fire. It is therefore a stone that is associated with the phoenix and rebirth. Since the stone is the result of almost violent natural events, it is considered a strong stone and one that assists the wearer to succeed in desperate circumstances. As it comes from and is of the earth, lava stone is reputed to assist the wearer to be more in tune with Mother Earth. As these stones also contain the powerful energy of the volcano that created them, this means that they are excellent to aid healing… especially when you are feeling depressed or lacking energy and vitality.”

They sent two beautiful, breathtaking bracelets.


The first one is a lovely Shine Bright Gold Bangle.  This very dainty bangle can be worn alone or with other accent bracelets. I first noticed the beautiful 18K gold plated Lotus Charm on it.  The stones, Aquamarine, Lava, and Moonstone hang from the bangle. I was drawn to it initially because I knew Aquamarine was my birth stone, which is worn for happiness and protection and fosters good communication.  Moonstone is for authenticity and Lava is for protection and balance.  The bracelet is 18K gold plated and the suggested oils are  Blue Cypress, Lavender, Sandalwood, however, I have been using lemongrass.

The second bracelet they sent me is my favorite of  the two.

047_1024x1024It’s called Patient Life.  It has Turquoise which is the Speaker of Truth, Howlite for Grounding, Jasper for Courage and Strength and Lava for Protecting, Balancing,  and Grounding.  It also has a handmade Nepalese Newer bead for Infinite love and peace, long life. The “Guru beads are focus beads that are a little larger in size that bring in the properties of the rest of the stones in to a focus….”

I love the name of this bracelet because it is a constant reminder to me to have patience and live in the moment always.  It also reminds me to maintain loving relationships with others.

I absolutely love this jewelry.  It is very good quality and has a great price point.  Anyone would be thrilled to get any of their pieces as a gift.  I want them all!!

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  1. Gosh, it is so hard to pick just one that I would say I like the most. I really like Sanctuary, Clear Thinking & Mental Grounding, Ambition & Success, I am Source and Flow.

  2. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ALL YOUR BRACELETS AND OILS!!! one of these days, hoping soon, ill win one!!! i would LOVE to buy once of each but a part time server and single momma.. 🙂

  3. Beautiful pieces!! Im blown away just by their looks!! I love that they have such powerful properties too!! I am a believer of the power in stones and I love my essential oils!!

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