Indulging On Valentines Day
Blog - February 10, 2017

For myself, I know that whenever a holiday comes up it triggers my eating patterns.  I want to celebrate.  In my mind celebrating means indulging.  But the problem is that it doesn’t stop on the holidays.  It sets me up for bad eating habits.  Then I slowly get back into my unhealthy eating patterns.  I feel bad physically and emotionally and the cycle starts over.

Whoa is me…

But I found an easy solution to indulge without feeling all the guilt. And it’s chocolate!  I can’t live without chocolate.  Dr. Sass does not shy away from putting it in his cookies and protein bars.  Perhaps that’s why I keep going back, lol.

Smart For Life just came out with Chocolatey Protein Coins to satisfy my sweet tooth.  These delicious coins are also sugar-free!  It doesn’t get better than that!

What’s tastes amazing with chocolate?  Chocolate covered strawberries!  Yes!  Valentines Day is not Valentines Day without chocolate covered strawberries.  That’s a given.  We all know that.   And the coins are easy to melt in the microwave…hint hint.  I smell another recipe coming up.

Happy Valentines Day to me.

Check out Smart For Life.  It could be the best Valentines Day Gift you’ve ever received.  Enter my Promo Code MOMJUNKY10 and get 10% off your order.

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  1. I love chocolate covered strawberries! These are so nice and easy to make! Thanks for the lovely idea! I’ve never tried that brand of chocolate before.

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