I Screamed at my Husband Today
Blog - September 10, 2014

Angry Woman Screaming I woke up today with the disease of PMS.  Now when I am “pmsing,” one needs to be aware that they should absolutely agree with everything I say or just not speak.  So when my husband questioned me about printing out an Enfamil coupon that I had already done, I was ready for battle.  I screamed at my husband.  And I screamed at him in front of my son. I even dropped the F bomb. I AM NOT PROUD of this.  AT ALL.  But at the moment, it was like the devil and his army entered my body and took over.  Then I stepped out of my body and saw myself.  I saw a lunatic.  Someone I don’t know. Someone I would judge.  If I saw this person on the street I would give her stink eye and sad eyes to her children.

So I decided to make immediate amends to my son.  It was the right thing to do. After my husband left of course.  I’m not letting him see me say sorry.  I’m still angry!  Lets not get crazy!

“Henri, I’m sorry I screamed.  It was wrong.”

He replied, “It’s okay mommy, don’t scream just talk.”


He adds, “you need to go to time out, mommy.”

I said, “okay, do you want me to go in time out?”

He replied, “No, not yet.”

There you have it.  So I lost control.  What a surprise!  There are no excuses for reacting that way or just plain overreacting.  The beauty in this situation is that somewhere a long the line, I was told that when I am wrong, I need to make amends, even to a three year old.  And I saw this right away.  So instead of beating my self up for being a crazy, hormonal, psycho mom I am going to do the right thing and then move on.  And my son also understands that I know when I’m wrong and that we are all human.  I’m hoping he will do the right thing too one day.  If I want this I need to be an example.  So lesson learned.



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