My Mom Lost my Homework.
Blog - February 16, 2016

~WRD000 How can one simple task like getting your son’s homework from school get so complicated?

It all started at his first time in Chapel. I was sitting next to one of the mothers when I asked why there was a shopping cart in front of the podium.

“Your supposed to have your child bring a can of food every Thursday so they can drop it in the cart to feed the hungry”, she said.  “It’s their first lesson in helping the needy.”

“What”? I said feeling like a total idiot. I thought I read all fifteen notices that were stuffed in his folder.

“I mean, seriously, that is too much stuff they give us, I can’t keep up!”  I complained.

“You think you have it bad?” She said.  “At least you don’t have three kids that go here.  Every time there is something I have to bring, I have to bring it times three! Next week is the book fair she reminded me, and that’s three books for me!”

I slumped back in the pew.  Ugh, I really stink.  What if he’s the only kid that doesn’t bring a can of food?   How can I not know this? I must go back through that paperwork asap!  I am NOT going to let this happen!

Thank God (literaly, while I’m in Chapel) that the older class was the only class that brought cans.

So maybe I am not the only one, I sighed with relief.  My mind was buzzing.

At the end of Chapel we were told that they would be sent home with homework and if we bought it back completed, our child would get to go in the treasure chest.  Treasure chest?

OH THE PRESSURE! I better remember, I thought.

But of course I forgot to remind my husband to bring his folder home when he picked him up on his last day of school.

When the weekend came, I realized that I forgot!!!!!!  Oh no!

I texted my friend, whose daughter also goes to his school and asked her to take a picture of the homework and send it to me. Then I would email it to myself and print it out.

Wala! I’m soooooo smart!

So when Saturday came and I went to print it out I realized the printer was out of toner.  Just another hiccup, I thought. Why me?  This kind of stuff happens to my father, not me!

Sunday came around and it was four o’clock in the afternoon and still no homework.  So I called a friend that lived close by.  She would definitely have a printer.  Her partner has a print shop!  Perfect.  She agreed to do it and I was relieved.  I’ll be damned if my kid doesn’t get to that treasure chest!

Then she remembered that she hadn’t installed the printer software!  Argh!!!  I must of not had that much faith in her as she pulled it off in five minutes and printed my stuff.  Not only did she print the homework, but she found the website that they take the stories from and emailed it to me.  She doesn’t even have kids! I thought. I rushed home to celebrate my Father In Law’s Birthday, because Birthdays should be celebrated right before dinner time.  After my son was jacked up on chocolate and cake, I pulled out the homework.  Talk about rushed.

“And Jesus said, “let there be light,” and there was light,” I read.

“Mommy!”  Henri threw his hands up. “I want to draw!” he said.

I didn’t even get through the reading and he was done. He could care less about the story.  But he DID get to pick out something from the treasure chest.  This would become a weekly occurrence…

Then there would come the day that I would step away from doing the homework with him.  I needed to check an email, or Facebook (ehem) I gave him some glitter glue and when I came back he had ripped the paper in four pieces.  Now what am I supposed to do?

My Mom Lost My Homework

I grabbed some tape and put as much back together that I could.  It really looked like a very sad piece of work.  But at least my son had fun and now knows that we don’t rip up our homework!  I gave him construction paper and a pair of scissors and that was the end of that.  We don’t have a dog, so “the dog ate my homework” excuse is not going to happen.  I forgot his homework….I lost his homework….I ate his homework…I did his homework…

The homework saga continues…


  1. ah, homework… the number one reason we homeschooled for so long. often feels like the hw is for the parents, eh? 🙂

  2. What a good mom!! Our kids never get how much we do for them- whether we are sick or not!! Plus some of them, do not realize that homework counts as a percentage of their grade! AND last, but not least, we get blamed for everything!!

  3. Oh My-That is way too funny! When my son was younger I thought he had way too much homework and little projects going on and that was 2o years ago. So being a single mom I was often overwhelmed and 1 time I actually did throw out his homework and realized it the next morning on the way out the door to drop him off at school and off to work! Me being me dug it out of the trash wiped the coffee grounds and gunk off of it and then blow dried it!! So needless to say my heart goes out to you!!

  4. Homework sucks for kids and parents, and they are giving way too much these days! Thanks for sharing your story! It took me back.

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