Hyaluronic acid plus Tripeptide 31 and Vitamin C by Yeouth
Reviews - March 9, 2015

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Here we go again with Hyaluronic Acid! It seems to be the hot ingredient behind a lot of serums.  That’s because it works! But this serum has added Tripeptide 31 and Vitamin C to its mixture.  Hyaluronic Acid is especially good for my age group (soon to be 44) because 40 is where we start to lose our natural Hyaluronic Acid levels and our skin starts to sag (yea) and we get fine lines and wrinkles.  On top of that our collagen levels decrease (that’s a bonus).  So using Hyaluronic Acid should be added into your daily skincare regimen.

What makes this one different?  Hyaluronic Acid plus 61FqN603d7L._SL1000_Tripeptide 31 and Vitamin C by Yeouth has medical-grade moisture.  It is a luxurious anti-aging skin care serum that glides over your skin and penetrates deep to tighten, lift and plump. The Tripeptide-31 helps with the production of collagen and fights wrinkles and age spots. Finally, the Vitamin C (a powerful antioxidant) fights free radicals slowing down free radical damage which causes wrinkles and dry skin.    And it’s 100% guaranteed!

61+jXWmOE7L._SL1000_My experience:

I found this serum incredibly hydrating but at the same time I felt it firming and tightening my skin.  I enjoyed using it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a boost of hydration and more radiant skin.



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