8 Travel Hacks for Traveling During a Pandemic
Travel - February 3, 2021

kids at the Marriott Sedona

This is my experience. I am not a doctor, neither do I give medical advice. There are affiliate links in this post.

After six months of quarantine for the Covid-19 pandemic and now three weeks of being stuck in the house with my husband away, I was about to lose it.  It is so hot in Phoenix and there are only so many indoor summer activities one can do. The boys were aching to go outside and it’s too hot to do any back yard activities. Of course, we aren’t going on any play dates and we don’t have a pool so we decided to take a short road trip to a hotel that had a pool.  Yes, we stayed at a hotel basically to use their pool. Apparently, we are not alone.

How to Travel Safer Pin

So, we are thinking of travel hacks for traveling during a pandemic (always thinking ahead). Of course, we had to consider whether or not it was safe to be traveling during a pandemic. It’s safer to say home, wash your hands wear a mask, and keep clear from high risk areas and people. We know this but we also need some balance in our lives.

We had visited Sedona for my husband’s fortieth Birthday, and I had taken a trip by myself. So, I already knew to bring masks and sanitizers and take precautions. The basic travel essentials have changed drastically!

Opt for Road Trips Instead of Flying

Air travel is faster but road trips are much safer than flying. Viruses spread easily on flights. There’s more of a chance of getting and spreading Covid-19 if you are on a packed plane with no ventilation than if you are traveling in your car with your family.

If you can drive to your destination, do it. Also, with road trips, you can pack food and stop at a local supermarket to grocery shop instead of eating out.

Check Travel Restrictions

Always check travel restrictions before you make plans. For U.S travel advisories, check HERE.

Bring Supplies

view of Marriotte Sedona

Pick a Hotel that Follows CDC Guidelines

We chose the Marriott Courtyard Sedona this time and I checked to see if they followed CDC Guidelines. You can check COVID-19 travel recommendations by destination HERE.

sanitizer at hotel

It was clear when I got there that everyone, including employees were practicing social distancing, sanitizing and wearing masks, keeping their nose and mouth covered.

social distancing sign at hotel

I was disappointed, however at the fact that there was no sanitizer in our rooms as I read that they offered that.

And this is why it is important to come prepared.

boy jumping into a pool

Call Ahead about the Pool

Make sure you call ahead to find out the new rules regarding the pool. We made the mistake of not asking when making the reservation. Or they made the mistake of not letting us know. But when we arrived they were fully booked all day, disappointing the kids.

boys on balcony

We had plans to drop our stuff and go straight to the pool. But we were able to make reservations for the following day. They allowed 1 hour with 10 maximum, whether or not the people were swimming. It was tough to get the kids out of the pool but the staff allowed us to check hourly to see if anyone cancelled or didn’t show up after 15 minutes.

We recently went to a time share and their policy was 30 people and you could only make a reservation for 2 hours at a time. There was always less than 10 people even though they were fully booked.

Pikachu Backpack Carson Style

Always Keep A Backpack on Hand

Wherever you go, even if you are just walking to the lobby, take a backpack. Carry a bottle of sanitizer and extra masks. I always have wipes too. Kids drop masks and touch doors. Also keep bottled water for everyone. You don’t want to feel obliged to drink out of a drinking fountain.

Take the Stairs

Always take the stairs. Touching elevator buttons and being crammed in an elevator with strangers or getting into an empty elevator where people may have been is not safe.

boy laying on bed

Wipe down Remotes, Chairs, Counters, Toilet and Balcony with Wipes

Even if the hotel is adamant that they have used all sanitary precautions, it won’t hurt (and you will have a peace of mind) to wipe everything down starting from door handles inside and outside. If you don’t have wipes, use a spray bottle of alcohol.

family wearing masks outside

These are just a few things to consider when traveling during a pandemic. Do research first on the hotel and call them and ask them about their protocols regarding Covid-19.

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