How to Throw a Valentines Day Party for Less Than $20
DIY - January 23, 2020



It’s that time of year again and I feel like I just got done prepping for Christmas parties.  Now we are onto Valentines Day.  This, along with Christmas and Easter is one of my kids’ favorite holidays.  Why do you think that is? CANDY of course!


I try not to make it just about candy and encourage them to get active by baking and getting creative, along with seeing the true meaning of the holiday.  Valentines Day doesn’t have to be a romantic holiday.  And it only takes two people to have a party.  It’s important for me to encourage love and kindness and what it means to spend time with people you love.


But when you have kids, holiday parties can get pricey.  I have learned to budget and reuse items from past parties.  Here’s how I did this one spending less than $20.

I found most of my party items at Family Dollar.  From the table cloth to the plates and party supplies.


These are the items I purchased.  Everything but the tray was from Family Dollar.

Pencils – $1

Heart Notepads -$1

Table Cloth – $1

Heart Straws – $1

Plates – $1

Napkins – $1

Heart Decoration – $1

2 Glass Heart Bowls – $1

Cupcake Liners – $1

Heart Candy – $1

Tray – $5 (Target)

Whipped Icing – $1.79


These are the items I already had left over from Christmas

Cookie Mix from Aldi – I always have one in the pantry.

Cake Mix from Aldi



Cookie Cutters – I have a cutter for all the holidays

Glass Bottle Cups from Halloween

Left over popcorn

Left over Candy Melts

Food Dye

Pretzel Sticks

I got the kids to participate in making Valentines Sugar Cookies


These are the best, easiest cookies to make from Aldi.  All you need is one egg and a stick of butter.  They are amazing.

sugar cookie mix

Best of all, the kids can easily mix the dough.  Just roll it into a ball and refridgerate for a half hour.  Then roll out with some flour.

mixing bowl

They will love making heart shaped cookies.


Mix up some icing with some powdered sugar, milk (add little milk until desired thickness) and food dye.


Bake, cool, and decorate.


I also had some popcorn,  pretzels, marshmallows, and candy melts left over from the holidays left over and threw it in a bowl.  Mixed it up and there you have it.


Easy cupcakes!


The cupcakes and cookies were so simple.  Don’t get me wrong, I like baking from scratch, but the kids just want to mix fast and play.  this is the best way to do it!


Now all you need is some party favors like glasses and notepads and I got the kids to write messages to each other.  They had a blast!


It’s so simple but so decorative.  I only spent $16!



  1. I saw it as a fun challenge to see how inexpensively I could do parties for my kids. Family Dollar, Dollar Tree and Oriental Trading were key!

  2. yum! Everything looks so good here and I love that everything is just a dollar, looking forward to making some goodies with the children.

  3. I loved reading this! Thank you so much for including a source list on where you got everything. That’s so helpful. The party looks great and the cupcakes look yummy!

  4. love the cupcakes and decorations for this cute little valentines party. very easy and inexpensive. As a mom of 6 and 2 grandbabies now, i am digging this right on . thanks os much. 😀

  5. wow I have always wanted to do this, get everything for a party at the dollar store(s), but some of the food I would be picky about lol But all of the decorations I would definitely get at any & or all of the dollar stores! What a great idea!

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