How to Spice Up an Egg White Omelette
Blog - November 11, 2016



Eating healthy is a choice, and since I’ve changed my habits, I’ve benefited from it.   But let’s face it, you must get creative.

I eat an egg white omelet almost every day.  It’s full of protein and added veggies and it’s filling.  But it can get boring and reaching for the salt is my downfall.

Since being on the Smart for Life diet, I have learned how dangerous salt can be for your body.  Using spices and other means of flavoring can take the place of salt and add such a difference to a dish.

This is one of those recipes.  Feel free to modify.  Sometimes I add ham, sometimes peppers.  There are so many options when making an egg white omelet.

But the point is to keep on track with healthy eating and not be bored.

This one is packed with flavor!




1 C egg whites

1 slice of fat free cheese

2 C’s of spinach (I keep mine in the freezer)

Onions to taste

1 Cup mushrooms, sliced


Saute in small frying pan with spray olive oil on medium heat and caramelize mushrooms and onions.

In a second pan spray with olive oil and add spinach and let it heat up.  When it is blanched add egg whites and let them sit for a while on medium heat.  Then add cheese.  When cheese has melted and omelet is almost cooked at the mushrooms and onions.

Then add Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle to taste.  It has a kick so it’s up to you how spicy you want your omelet.




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