Pull off a Natural Makeup Look at 50
Makeup & Beauty - October 31, 2019

I received Giorgio Armani Beauty products to facilitate this article.  However, all opinions are my own.

Natural makeup look at 50? Yes! We can have it! Find out how 50 doesn’t make me cake on the makeup.

Ah, that big scary number “50” is no longer scary to me. These days 50 is the new 35ish.  I loved Giorgio Armani Beauty when I was 35 years-old and I love it now that I am 47 years-old. I’m not afraid of 50!

But I am a firm believer that every woman over 40 should wear Giorgio Armani Beauty.  Because, let’s face it; that youthful glow we took advantage of when we were younger slips away as we age. 

It’s just part of the process.  We can do all the masks and peels but in the end Giorgio Armani’s signature “Armani Glow” brings it back.  For good.

Attractive girl with natural makeup sitting on bench

I am a “no makeup” makeup kind of gal.

I wear makeup that looks like I am not wearing makeup;  specifically Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation.  It’s all about the glow.  It helps me achieve that flawless finish and I am complimented daily on my skin, not my makeup.  You may see me wear makeup to a dinner party occasionally.  You might even see me with a smokey eye or red lip.  But very rarely.

Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Collection with highlighter, blush and contour for Natural Makeup Look at 50

Neo Nude Collection

Giorgio Armani Beauty  came out with something that was made for me; the Neo Nude Collection,  my Armani Nude.  The Neo Nude A-Line is complexion enhancing watercolor makeup.

The A-Blush, the A-Contour, and the A-Highlight are water-based and instantly fuse with the skin, comforting and hydrating while simultaneously adding radiance. The pointed applicator delivers the right amount of application.   A-Contour is available in 2 cool browns to shape and contour.

The A-Blush is available in 5 shades and the A-Highlight comes in 2 shades.

2 Giorgio Armani powder compacts closed for Natural Makeup Look at 50

The Neo Nude Collection is the dream collection for anyone loving the natural look.  However, we tend to assume that only young girls can pull it off.  That the older we get, the heavier the makeup should be to conceal the age.  But it’s the opposite.  Less is better and bronzer always wins.

Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Fusion Powder

Neo Nude Fusion Powder

I don’t usually use powder with my foundation but when I applied the Neo Nude Fusion Powder which gives the luminosity of a liquid foundation with the clean application and portability of a compact, I fell in love.  Fusion powder it is! And it is refillable.  I like that a lot.

Girogio Armani Beauty Ecstasy Balm Lipstick with makeup in the background

Ecstasy Balm Lipstick

I might not wear makeup daily, but I will always have something on my lips, usually a balm with a tint. The Ecstasy Balm Lipstick is perfect for that hint of glow, shine of a gloss, and care of a balm while delivering comfort and hydration for 8 hours.


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So, what’s your “go to” product for a “no makeup” makeup look?  Do you think women over 50 should wear nude makeup? Should there be an age that defines the type of makeup you wear and what shades?

Check out the Neo Nude Collection and find your Armani Nude.

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