How to Pay Less For LEGO®Sets
Blog - March 2, 2017

With two LEGO® loving boys, I have finally accepted that fact that our lives will be consumed with every thing LEGO®.  We recently went to the VIP grand opening of Ninjago World at LEGOLAND® Florida Resort and their LEGO® obsession was catapulted to a new dimension.

Help!  I think of all the money that LEGO® will be costing us in the future.  Don’t get me wrong, LEGOS are awesome.  But they keep coming out with more stuff!  This means that we have to keep buying it.

I’ve always wondered if there would ever be a solution to this dilemma.  Believe it or not, there is and it’s called Bricksmarts.

My kids were thrilled to receive an up-cycled LEGO®set by Bricksmarts.

Bricksmarts up-cycles incomplete, unused, unwanted LEGO® sets, and gives them new life by replacing missing pieces, lost manuals, and missing mini figures.

The LEGO® sets are hand sorted, refurbished, and cleaned with distilled vinigar and dish soap, no harsh detergents.  They looked new to me.  I would never know any difference, except that they come in a plastic pouch.  The manual is also in included.

The kids never questioned why it didn’t come in a box.  They were so excited to rip into it and start building.  They tore into the reusable pouch and have enjoyed it daily since receiving it.

They are obsessed with the LEGO® Marvel Superheroes:  Hulk Helicarrier Breakout set they received!  They have become master builders and I get so much joy watching them build together.

Why pay full price for LEGO® sets?

Soon, Bricksmarts will have a buy back program so you can sell your own LEGOS!

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  1. Omgosh you are a lifesaver!! My son is hooked on Legos too but boy are they expensive!! Craziness!! I remember having huge bins full growing up!!

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