How to Make Keepsake DIY Easter Eggs Using 4 Items
Crafts - March 14, 2021

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I recently when to an Easter Egg painting party.  It was fun and entertaining, and the kids had a blast.  Who doesn’t like glitter and glue, stickers and dyes?  They really enjoyed it.  What a great tradition!

However, I’m all about simplicity and purpose.  I like to do crafts that can be used for the future.  Maybe I’m just secretly trying to get mementos from the kids to save for later.  I’m very sentimental and appreciate it more when they make things I can save.  I’m not up for boiling eggs and making a mess.  The least number of items we use the better.  Plus, I hate egg salad.  No can do.

So, I found some wood eggs at Target and decided to have the boys paint them.  I also had them use a sharpie to write their names and the date on the eggs. I have all kinds of paint, from acrylic to watercolors,  but I really didn’t want to use water, I didn’t have paint smocks, and I didn’t want to make a mess.  It’s amazing what two boys are capable of! Hehe.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for making messes when appropriate but my boys must keep things simple.  I’m not up for trying to get glitter out of their eyes.  Or cleaning up blue-dyed vinegar up off the floor or their clothes.

So, I used EZpaint. It’s all about keeping it simple. And, of course making keepsakes and memories.  I love EZpaint because it’s washable, non-toxic and odorless.  Each bottle has its own brushes built into the no-spill bottle.

EZpaint is great because it not only doesn’t require water, but it is washable, nontoxic and requires no set up.


I had the kids paint them.  After they dried (I just waited until the next day), I had them write their names on them with the date.

Then I sprayed them with a sealer and put them back in the egg crate to dry. It’s so simple, yet such a great gift for someone like a teacher or grandparents.  It’s also pretty Easter decor for the house.

Giving my kids the freedom to express themselves creatively is so important to me.  I love seeing what they create.  But even better, I love saving what they create.  Painting keepsake Easter Eggs with their name and date is one way of treasuring those memories.   How do you paint your Easter Eggs with your kids?



  1. Looks great! I’d love to see how the kids’ artwork changes from one year to the next. We done a similar activity with wooden nutcrackers at Christmas time.

    And we love the EZpaints you gave us. All my kids use them (ages 6.5, almost 4, and 1.5). I confess that my baby dropped one off her high chair, and it shattered & splattered. I got it up right away though. No stains! Not even on the grout.

  2. This is such a great idea, thank you so much for sharing! My kids would absolutely love being about to keep their creations. They ask to every year. 🙂

  3. What a fun idea. My grandchildren would love doing this. Thank you so much for sharing. Happy Easter

  4. This is a great idea! I have the same problem when my niece comes over. She only seems to want to paint and glitter, and her dad never helps clean.

  5. We used to dye our eggs with the Paas Egg dying kit. We like hard boiled eggs so we used them. Except for coloring papers of eggs, we really don’t have any keepers. So this is a great idea and the grandkid sure will love doing their own egg.
    Pinning and sharing. TY

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