How to Make Easy Origami for Kids
Fun - April 11, 2021


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My boys love making origami. There are so many benefits to making origami, like eye hand co-ordination, spatial skills, memory and it also helps with fine motor skills.

Origami is the traditional Japanese game of folding elaborately designed paper (origami crafts) into a myriad of shapes, usually plants, animals, and other living things. The best thing about origami is that all you need is an imagination and a piece of paper.

Recently, I had a virtual Birthday party for my son, and he taught his friends how to make an origami fortune teller. It was a blast! It’s amazing how a simple paper folding craft for kids can entertain my kids for hours, and they can learn step by step how to create things from YouTube. They watch tutorials of how to make origami butterflies, cootie catchers, paper boats like The Dragon Boat he made in the video below.

You can also find origami kits on Etsy and origami paper on Amazon.

Easy Origami for Kids

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Easy Origami for Kids


Next, I would like to learn how to make 3D origami.

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