How to Make Easy Keto Brownies with Sugar Free Sprinkles
Blog - May 21, 2019

brownies with sprinklesThis post may contain affiliate links which means that if you click on something and purchase it, I will received a commission.  However, all opinions are my own. I also received product to facilitate this article.

Who doesn’t like brownies? I love a good brownie with walnuts.  My kids love brownies with sprinkles.  Everyone has their preference.  I love the keto way of life because it allows for sweets – in moderation and prepared specifically the keto way; sugar free. For now, I only eat low carb, keto friendly brownies.  And they are sugar free brownies too.

I have always stayed away from sprinkles because they are usually loaded with sugar and toxins.  I recently made Keto Cupcakes with Homemade Sprinkles.  But it was pretty time consuming to make the sprinkles and if you add too much plant based dye, they can turn out very bitter.  In other words, it’s probably trial and error before you can the sprinkles just perfect.

brownies with sprinkles

I’m not willing to do that. I also like my life to be simple when it comes to baking. I’m all about sugar free baking too.

I just don’t have time for so many steps. I love trying new things but if it’s time consuming, I won’t give it another go around.  I like to cut corners.  I have a super busy life.

package of keto brownie mix

Brownie Mix

So, I found an awesome low carb brownie mix that makes my life easy, tastes like a delicious brownie and is keto friendly by Keto Queen Kreations.

flatlay of brownie mix eggs sprinkles and butter

It’s so simple, you just need Keto Queen Creations Brownie mix, eggs and butter.  They are sugar free, all natural, gluten free, and low carb (keto) with 1 NET per Brownie. Also, no stevia, so no aftertaste.

mixture of eggs brownie mix and butter

Mix it up. It just takes a second!

sample size of sprinkles


I found some awesome sugar free sprinkles to add to the brownies. Most traditional sprinkles are packed with sugar, cornstarch, and artificial coloring. I added them inside the brownie but they didn’t show up as well as just topping them off with the sprinkles.

cooked brownie with sprinkles

These awesome sugar free sprinkles are from The Sprinkle Company. I got the sample pack which includes Fairy, Unicorn, Butterfly, and Mermaid.  I love the color combos.

four samples of various colors of sprinkles

These brownies turned out delish and were so fast to make! The brownies are great alone but the sprinkles gave them a festive look and there’s always an excuse to use sprinkles in our house.  I’d rather my kids eat “clean” sprinkles.

pin for keto brownies with keto sprinklesWhich sprinkle topping would you pick? Fairy, Unicorn, Butterfly, or Mermaid? Decisions! Decisions!

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