Amazing DIY Christmas Gifts that Every One will Love
Crafts - November 4, 2023

If you are looking for fun and sweet gifts for the Holidays, I’ve got amazing DIY Christmas Gifts that everyone will love!

Christmas jar of candy

This year, it feels like the Holidays have crept up way too fast. Life has definitely gotten busy the last couple weeks. School projects, meetings, Birthday Parties, and Holiday festivities have been piling up. And now we have two weeks until Christmas and the kids will be out of school. The pressure is on.

display of ornaments and jars full of holiday candy

At this point, it’s all about finding Christmas gifts for friends and family. Looking for gift ideas can be fun but it can also be frustrating if you don’t know the person you buy for.

Christmas Gift Ideas

I find it rewarding to make gifts for people. It’s more personal and I love creating fun items like fun DIY Christmas Cocoa Bombs. Or, if your looking for DIY Christmas gifts for your boyfriend, something sweet in a jar with some proposal cocoa bombs would be perfect! Christmas Gifts for mom could be a plastic ornament filled with candy from the grandchildren. For friends, maybe a reusable jar filled with candy and a New Year’s Eve cocoa bomb for later!

In the past, I have made Essential Oils Sprays and Candles for people and they loved them. I love makeup subscription boxes.

This year I decided to do a fun project that will make everyone’s sweet tooth happy. I made easy DIY gifts for Christmas. I just needed a few items and I let the creative juices flow. These are great Christmas gift ideas for teachers too. And you don’t need hot glue for these!

bags of color it candy

Supplies for DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s all about making something visually appealing. I love receiving pretty gifts. Here’s a list of items you’ll need, most of them props.

Directions for DIY Christmas

  • Use Color it Candy for DIY Candy Ideas

I chose Color it Candy because they are known for their sixlets but they also come in a variety of colors. You can create the perfect candy color mix. I wanted shimmer baby blue, silver, and white but matte red and green. They are full of chocolatey goodness and small enough to put in jars and ornaments. Everyone loves chocolate. But they also carry gumballs and pearls. We recently used a mix of pearls and sixlets in a candy buffet.

  • Fill the Jars and Clear Ornaments

Decide what colors you want to combine. I wanted white and silver for a snowflake look but then I wanted green and red for a Christmas look.

Have a sweet holiday label
  • Personalize the Gift with Personalized Stickers

When I ordered the stickers, I made sure to use our last names as I was giving out quite a few of these to teachers. This way, they would know who gave them the gift. After all, they will be coming home with at least 30 gifts! I also wanted to make it clear to them that there was candy inside the jar by writing it on the stickers “Have a Sweet Holiday.”

  • Use Gift Tags

I have the worst handwriting so using tags is a no-brainer for me. I’d rather use a tag than write out a whole Holiday card. And who doesn’t love a pretty tag with a pretty string?

Christmas stickers
  • Use Stickers that are Raised

Anything can make the gift look cheap, especially stickers. Even though the raised (puffy) stickers cost a little more than the average sticker, they look and feel so much nicer.

mason jar of white and blue candy with sparkly bow
  • Add Ribbon for Finishing Touches

Ribbons always make things look pretty and festive. Instead of using a tag on this one, I used ribbon as it was a wide-mouthed jar.

Have a Sweet Holiday label on a jar inside a bowl of candy

On this one, I used both a personalized sticker and a tag.

Do you see how all the props fit into making the DIY Christmas Gift perfect?

Of course, this one is my favorite. I love the color combination of the candy and the props. I added the raised snowflake sticker. So pretty.

Christmas candy filled ornaments with red, white and blue sixlets next to them

These little sixlets just melt in your mouth and are so easy to use with the gifts.

color it candy stock in store

Color It Candy is available on their online website, Amazon, and participating retailers all over the country.

Christmas candy filled ornaments.

What are you going to create?



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